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No IE in Playon Linux

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antoie02 Saturday 15 November 2014 at 9:51


I need to install some work related softwares in my laptop but it only requires IE. I followed the instructions to install playon linux. After that, I don't know where to go anymore..

I cannot see Internet Explorer under Internet. I can only see firefox, epathy internet messaging, etc, please help me.


Thank you!

Ronin DUSETTE Saturday 15 November 2014 at 17:56

IE is not supported on POL. Not really, anyway. Any IE version that would get installed (you can create a virtual drive and install IE7 from Install Components) would be old. Like, really old. If they are custom software from your work, we don't have install scripts for anything like that. I would suggest, especially if it is for work, to simply use Windows (or Windows in a virtual machine). 

I mean, IE is that last of your worries; did you even get your work software installed? You would need to manually build a virtual drive, but that is going to require some research, on your part, to find the Wine version that you need and which IE version you need to install. 

Also, if you need IE just to access your work stuff, try Chrome or FF for Linux. I have used Chrome many times for stuff that "only runs on IE", and it has worked fine. 

Nevertheless, if you need it running, do not risk getting in trouble with your job because you refuse to run your work software on Windows. This is one of those things that you would need to research and get done yourself, or use Windows. You can find all sorts of info on how Wine works (PlayOnLinux is just a GUI for Wine.) at . There you can get info on what IE versions run on Wine, and which don't, and you can get more info about how Wine works, to decide if Wine/POL is actually a good solution. 

I would just use Windows for this, but that is just me...

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