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Feature Request: Blocking internet access / sandboxing

Using software that is not open-source is a privacyconcern. Phoning home is a rule, not an exception.

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thia11 Monday 10 December 2018 at 12:00



I would like to use this software, but I am worried about privacy issues that arise from using non-free software. Every program, every game, has a bad tendency of phoning home, even if it should nominally be a completely offline experience.

I was looking into ways of blocking programs from accessing my main internet, but the only solutions was a post form 2006 with 20 terminal commands that block wine from internet access by putting it into a group with no access, and another post describing messing with regedit in the emulated windows folder.


My suggestion/plea is for the playonlinux team to think up some kind of option or toggle that would sandbox the emulation and barr it from accessing the internet. Or to offer some kind of easy solution to get he same effect.


Thank you!

Dadu042 Saturday 30 March 2019 at 9:44

"was a post form 2006 with 20 terminal commands"   URL link please ?

Perhaps that this software could fix the issue :