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Dark Age of Camelot - Program Error in installation

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innerhole Sunday 28 April 2019 at 17:02


Forgive me in advance as I am not any kind of technical expert when it comes to the workings of computers or software like this, so I may be missing something, but I am looking for some help in rectifying an installation error I am getting when trying to install Dark Age of Camelot on my mac through playonmac. 

I have previously installed and run the program successfully and have been playing the game for a few weeks, but this weekend there was a patch to the game and this caused my installation to no longer work. Therefore I deleted the virtual drive and went for a fresh install.

The virtual drive is created successfully and the installer unpacks and asks me to click next to continue the installation, then I am greeted with this error, once I accept the license agreement. I have pasted the detailed text of the error below in full.

I would appreciate any help from anyone to resolve this as I'd love to play the game again and I have no alternative as far as I can see. I'm also happy to provide any information to help with this that I may have missed, just let me know.

Thanks in advance.



The error:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x001f1f60 in 32-bit code (0x7ac26ea0).
Register dump:
 CS:001b SS:0023 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:1007 GS:000f
 EIP:7ac26ea0 ESP:0033c940 EBP:0033c968 EFLAGS:00010206(  R- --  I   - -P- )
 EAX:000001ab EBX:001f1e38 ECX:0019a7d8 EDX:001f1e38
 ESI:02623be0 EDI:0019e448
Stack dump:
0x0033c940:  02623e28 02623be0 0033c968 7ac22670
0x0033c950:  00110000 00000000 02623e28 0019e448
0x0033c960:  02623be0 02b1e518 0033c988 7ac180e4
0x0033c970:  0019e448 02623be0 00000136 7ac18851
0x0033c980:  0033d2e4 7ac18851 0033d288 7ac193ab
0x0033c990:  0019e448 6a2f8c5e 0033c9a8 00000136
0200: sel=1007 base=7ffc0000 limit=00000fff 32-bit rw-
=>0 0x7ac26ea0 _destroy_para+0x50() in riched20 (0x0033c968)
  1 0x7ac180e4 _ME_DestroyEditor+0x43() in riched20 (0x0033c988)
  2 0x7ac193ab _ME_HandleMessage+0xb6a() in riched20 (0x0033d288)
  3 0x7ac21e9d _RichEditWndProc_common+0x24c() in riched20 (0x0033d338)
  4 0x7ac1ff4a _RichEditWndProcA+0x29() in riched20 (0x0033d368)
  5 0x6a3099ac _WINPROC_wrapper+0x1b() in user32 (0x0033d398)
  6 0x6a30ad5c _call_window_proc+0xbb() in user32 (0x0033d3d8)
  7 0x6a30b775 _WINPROC_CallProcWtoA+0x614() in user32 (0x0033d888)
  8 0x6a30b070 _WINPROC_call_window+0x28f() in user32 (0x0033d8d8)
  9 0x6a2cd2ce _call_window_proc+0x8d() in user32 (0x0033d938)
  10 0x6a2c44d3 _send_message+0x122() in user32 (0x0033d9a8)
  11 0x6a2c47da _SendMessageW+0x59() in user32 (0x0033da08)
  12 0x6a2fd2fb _WIN_SendDestroyMsg+0x8a() in user32 (0x0033dad8)
  13 0x6a2fd468 _WIN_SendDestroyMsg+0x1f7() in user32 (0x0033dba8)
  14 0x6a2fd1e6 _DestroyWindow+0x535() in user32 (0x0033dc70)
0x7ac26ea0 _destroy_para+0x50 in riched20: movl 0x128(%edx),%ebx
Module Address Debug info Name (293 modules)
PE   400000-  438000 Export          setup
PE 31d0000- 327f000 Deferred        nsisdirselect
PE 10000000-10006000 Deferred        system
ELF 20141000-20155000 Deferred        shfolder<elf>
  \-PE 20150000-20154000 \               shfolder
ELF 20155000-202b9000 Deferred        oleaut32<elf>
  \-PE 20160000-2024f000 \               oleaut32
PE 202ea000-202f1000 Deferred        libobjc-trampolines.dylib
ELF 20cd7000-20cf1000 Deferred        userenv<elf>
  \-PE 20ce0000-20ced000 \               userenv
ELF 2118f000-211a3000 Deferred        msimg32<elf>
  \-PE 21190000-211a2000 \               msimg32
PE 2217e000-22353000 Deferred        glengine
PE 22353000-234eb000 Deferred        appleintelkblgraphicsgldriver
ELF 24a85000-24aa3000 Deferred        msxml<elf>
  \-PE 24a90000-24aa1000 \               msxml
ELF 24daa000-24e1b000 Deferred        oleacc<elf>
  \-PE 24db0000-24df1000 \               oleacc
ELF 24e1b000-24e65000 Deferred        winspool<elf>
  \-PE 24e20000-24e58000 \               winspool
ELF 24e65000-24f64000 Deferred        msxml3<elf>
  \-PE 24e70000-24f0d000 \               msxml3
ELF 24f64000-25031000 Deferred        urlmon<elf>
  \-PE 24f70000-24fec000 \               urlmon
ELF 25031000-250be000 Deferred        wininet<elf>
  \-PE 25040000-250a4000 \               wininet
ELF 250be000-250eb000 Deferred        mpr<elf>
  \-PE 250c0000-250e4000 \               mpr
ELF 250eb000-2512d000 Deferred        ws2_32<elf>
  \-PE 250f0000-25123000 \               ws2_32
PE 2536d000-255a2000 Deferred        libicui18n.58.dylib
PE 255a2000-256ff000 Deferred        libicuuc.58.dylib
PE 256ff000-27000000 Deferred        libicudata.58.dylib
ELF 270c9000-27108000 Deferred        browseui<elf>
  \-PE 270d0000-270eb000 \               browseui
ELF 68001000-68005000 Deferred        <wine-loader>
PE 68005000-681dc000 Deferred        libwine.1.0.dylib
PE 681dc000-681df000 Deferred        libcharset.1.dylib
ELF 6a244000-6a258000 Deferred        wow64cpu<elf>
  \-PE 6a250000-6a257000 \               wow64cpu
ELF 6a258000-6a48a000 Stabs           user32<elf>
  \-PE 6a260000-6a444000 \               user32
ELF 6a48a000-6a5d9000 Deferred        gdi32<elf>
  \-PE 6a490000-6a5a8000 \               gdi32
ELF 6a5d9000-6a666000 Deferred        advapi32<elf>
  \-PE 6a5e0000-6a63f000 \               advapi32
ELF 6a666000-6a681000 Deferred        version<elf>
  \-PE 6a670000-6a67e000 \               version
ELF 6a681000-6a718000 Deferred        shlwapi<elf>
  \-PE 6a690000-6a6de000 \               shlwapi
ELF 6a718000-6a744000 Deferred        shcore<elf>
  \-PE 6a720000-6a738000 \               shcore
ELF 6a744000-6a7f3000 Deferred        rpcrt4<elf>
  \-PE 6a750000-6a7b7000 \               rpcrt4
ELF 6b000000-6ba34000 Deferred        shell32<elf>
  \-PE 6b010000-6b9b3000 \               shell32
ELF 6ba34000-6bbd6000 Deferred        ole32<elf>
  \-PE 6ba40000-6bb55000 \               ole32
ELF 6bbd6000-6bbf4000 Deferred        aclui<elf>
  \-PE 6bbe0000-6bbf0000 \               aclui
ELF 6bbf4000-6bd6c000 Deferred        comctl32<elf>
  \-PE 6bc00000-6bd2d000 \               comctl32
ELF 6bd6c000-6bdb8000 Deferred        usp10<elf>
  \-PE 6bd70000-6bdaf000 \               usp10
ELF 6bdb8000-6bddf000 Deferred        imm32<elf>
  \-PE 6bdc0000-6bdd8000 \               imm32
ELF 6bddf000-6beb2000 Deferred        winemac<elf>
  \-PE 6bde0000-6be66000 \               winemac
PE 6d969000-6d9f2000 Deferred        libfreetype.6.dylib
ELF 6db6e000-6dbac000 Deferred        uxtheme<elf>
  \-PE 6db70000-6dba1000 \               uxtheme
ELF 7ac00000-7aca7000 Stabs           riched20<elf>
  \-PE 7ac10000-7ac72000 \               riched20
ELF 7b400000-7b82a000 Deferred        kernel32<elf>
  \-PE 7b410000-7b7cf000 \               kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7bd40000 Deferred        ntdll<elf>
  \-PE 7bc20000-7bcfb000 \               ntdll
ELF 7c400000-7c404000 Deferred        <wine-loader>
PE 902be000-902bf000 Deferred        accelerate
PE 902bf000-902d5000 Deferred        libcginterfaces.dylib
PE 902d5000-90bcd000 Deferred        vimage
PE 90bcd000-90ceb000 Deferred        libblas.dylib
PE 90ceb000-90d26000 Deferred        libbnns.dylib
PE 90d26000-9107c000 Deferred        liblapack.dylib
PE 9107c000-91092000 Deferred        liblinearalgebra.dylib
PE 91092000-910ac000 Deferred        libsparseblas.dylib
PE 910ac000-91241000 Deferred        libvdsp.dylib
PE 91241000-91407000 Deferred        libvmisc.dylib
PE 91407000-91408000 Deferred        veclib
PE 914bf000-9225f000 Deferred        appkit
PE 922b0000-922b1000 Deferred        applicationservices
PE 922b1000-9231d000 Deferred        ats
PE 9231f000-92440000 Deferred        libfontparser.dylib
PE 92440000-9248e000 Deferred        libfontregistry.dylib
PE 924dc000-9250f000 Deferred        libtruetypescaler.dylib
PE 9257a000-92580000 Deferred        colorsynclegacy
PE 92626000-9267f000 Deferred        hiservices
PE 9267f000-9268e000 Deferred        langanalysis
PE 9268e000-926e6000 Deferred        printcore
PE 926e6000-92782000 Deferred        qd
PE 92782000-9278f000 Deferred        speechsynthesis
PE 9278f000-929db000 Deferred        audiotoolbox
PE 929dc000-929dd000 Deferred        audiounit
PE 92b12000-92ea7000 Deferred        cfnetwork
PE 92ebb000-92ebc000 Deferred        carbon
PE 92ebc000-92ec6000 Deferred        carbonsound
PE 92ec6000-92ecb000 Deferred        commonpanels
PE 92ecb000-93260000 Deferred        hitoolbox
PE 93260000-932b6000 Deferred        htmlrendering
PE 932b6000-932ba000 Deferred        help
PE 932ba000-932c0000 Deferred        imagecapture
PE 932c0000-9335b000 Deferred        ink
PE 9335b000-93396000 Deferred        navigationservices
PE 93396000-933b3000 Deferred        openscripting
PE 933b3000-933b8000 Deferred        print
PE 933b8000-933bb000 Deferred        securityhi
PE 933bb000-933c2000 Deferred        speechrecognition
PE 933cf000-934a3000 Deferred        colorsync
PE 934a3000-9353b000 Deferred        coreaudio
PE 93597000-9359d000 Deferred        corebluetooth
PE 9359d000-938a5000 Deferred        coredata
PE 938a5000-938ac000 Deferred        coredisplay
PE 938ac000-93cf0000 Deferred        corefoundation
PE 93cf1000-943a9000 Deferred        coregraphics
PE 943aa000-9465d000 Deferred        coreimage
PE 948b0000-948b1000 Deferred        coreservices
PE 948b1000-9492f000 Deferred        ae
PE 9492f000-94c10000 Deferred        carboncore
PE 94c10000-94c5a000 Deferred        dictionaryservices
PE 94c5a000-94c63000 Deferred        fsevents
PE 94c63000-94dca000 Deferred        launchservices
PE 94dca000-94e6b000 Deferred        metadata
PE 94e6b000-94eb8000 Deferred        osservices
PE 94eb8000-94f29000 Deferred        searchkit
PE 94f29000-94f4d000 Deferred        sharedfilelist
PE 94f4d000-950aa000 Deferred        coretext
PE 950aa000-950e8000 Deferred        corevideo
PE 950e8000-9517d000 Deferred        corewlan
PE 9526c000-95276000 Deferred        diskarbitration
PE 95286000-95607000 Deferred        foundation
PE 95647000-95677000 Deferred        gss
PE 956a4000-957c3000 Deferred        iobluetooth
PE 9582b000-958c4000 Deferred        iokit
PE 958c5000-958d0000 Deferred        iosurface
PE 95925000-95ab4000 Deferred        imageio
PE 95ab4000-95ab9000 Deferred        libgif.dylib
PE 95ab9000-95ba9000 Deferred        libjp2.dylib
PE 95ba9000-95bcf000 Deferred        libjpeg.dylib
PE 95bcf000-95bf6000 Deferred        libpng.dylib
PE 95bf6000-95bf9000 Deferred        libradiance.dylib
PE 95bf9000-95c45000 Deferred        libtiff.dylib
PE 96613000-9662d000 Deferred        kerberos
PE 96d5e000-96dea000 Deferred        metal
PE 96deb000-96df8000 Deferred        netfs
PE 989d2000-989db000 Deferred        libcldcpuengine.dylib
PE 989db000-98a32000 Deferred        opencl
PE 98a32000-98a4f000 Deferred        cfopendirectory
PE 98a4f000-98a5b000 Deferred        opendirectory
PE 993dc000-993df000 Deferred        libcvmspluginsupport.dylib
PE 993df000-993e4000 Deferred        libcorefscache.dylib
PE 993e4000-993e9000 Deferred        libcorevmclient.dylib
PE 993e9000-993f2000 Deferred        libgfxshared.dylib
PE 993f2000-993ff000 Deferred        libgl.dylib
PE 993ff000-9943a000 Deferred        libglimage.dylib
PE 9943a000-995bb000 Deferred        libglprogrammability.dylib
PE 995bb000-995fa000 Deferred        libglu.dylib
PE 99fca000-99fda000 Deferred        opengl
PE 99fda000-9a005000 Deferred        glrendererfloat
PE 9aaed000-9ad34000 Deferred        quartzcore
PE 9b1cd000-9b4e0000 Deferred        security
PE 9b4e0000-9b553000 Deferred        securityfoundation
PE 9b57b000-9b580000 Deferred        servicemanagement
PE 9b6b3000-9b724000 Deferred        systemconfiguration
PE 9da1e000-9dad4000 Deferred        apfs
PE 9e205000-9e235000 Deferred        apple80211
PE 9e236000-9e241000 Deferred        applefscompression
PE 9e340000-9e37f000 Deferred        applejpeg
PE 9e4d0000-9e4da000 Deferred        backgroundtaskmanagement
PE 9e4da000-9e580000 Deferred        backup
PE 9e6c4000-9e6ce000 Deferred        commonauth
PE 9eb4b000-9eb5e000 Deferred        coreemoji
PE 9ebcb000-9ec3f000 Deferred        corenlp
PE 9ecea000-9ed1d000 Deferred        coreservicesinternal
PE 9ed1d000-9edb0000 Deferred        coresymbolication
PE 9edb0000-9eed5000 Deferred        coreui
PE 9eed5000-9efaa000 Deferred        coreutils
PE 9effc000-9f05a000 Deferred        corewifi
PE 9f05a000-9f06c000 Deferred        crashreportersupport
PE 9f0d9000-9f0e7000 Deferred        dfrfoundation
PE 9f12a000-9f19b000 Deferred        datadetectorscore
PE 9f19b000-9f1dd000 Deferred        debugsymbols
PE 9f1dd000-9f33f000 Deferred        desktopservicespriv
PE 9f64f000-9fa7a000 Deferred        facecore
PE a291e000-a292a000 Deferred        libgpusupportmercury.dylib
PE a3618000-a368d000 Deferred        heimdal
PE a395f000-a3967000 Deferred        ioaccelerator
PE a3967000-a3982000 Deferred        iopresentment
PE a39dd000-a3a07000 Deferred        iconservices
PE a3a3b000-a3b31000 Deferred        languagemodeling
PE a3b31000-a3b72000 Deferred        lexicon
PE a3b75000-a3b7c000 Deferred        linguisticdata
PE a3d2e000-a3d55000 Deferred        metadatautilities
PE a3f5d000-a3f89000 Deferred        multitouchsupport
PE a4088000-a4094000 Deferred        netauth
PE a40ef000-a4145000 Deferred        otsvg
PE a4192000-a41a0000 Deferred        performanceanalysis
PE a4238000-a4255000 Deferred        protocolbuffer
PE a4340000-a4363000 Deferred        remoteviewservices
PE a440d000-a442a000 Deferred        sharing
PE a4449000-a44d4000 Deferred        skylight
PE a4503000-a4511000 Deferred        speechrecognitioncore
PE a4812000-a489e000 Deferred        symbolication
PE a48f1000-a48ff000 Deferred        tcc
PE a48ff000-a4917000 Deferred        textureio
PE a4946000-a4948000 Deferred        trustevaluationagent
PE a4948000-a4ad1000 Deferred        uifoundation
PE a4d7c000-a4e5a000 Deferred        viewbridge
PE a4fd0000-a4fd3000 Deferred        loginsupport
PE a50cc000-a5103000 Deferred        libcrfsuite.dylib
PE a5103000-a510e000 Deferred        libchinesetokenizer.dylib
PE a51a7000-a51a9000 Deferred        libdiagnosticmessagesclient.dylib
PE a51da000-a53ba000 Deferred        libfosl_dynamic.dylib
PE a53c1000-a53c2000 Deferred        libopenscriptingutil.dylib
PE a54fd000-a54ff000 Deferred        libsystem.b.dylib
PE a54ff000-a5501000 Deferred        libthaitokenizer.dylib
PE a550d000-a5524000 Deferred        libapple_nghttp2.dylib
PE a5524000-a5550000 Deferred        libarchive.2.dylib
PE a5550000-a569b000 Deferred        libate.dylib
PE a569e000-a569f000 Deferred        libauto.dylib
PE a569f000-a56b0000 Deferred        libbsm.0.dylib
PE a56b0000-a56be000 Deferred        libbz2.1.0.dylib
PE a56be000-a5718000 Deferred        libc++.1.dylib
PE a5718000-a572c000 Deferred        libc++abi.dylib
PE a572d000-a573f000 Deferred        libcmph.dylib
PE a573f000-a5755000 Deferred        libcompression.dylib
PE a5755000-a576b000 Deferred        libcoretls.dylib
PE a576b000-a576d000 Deferred        libcoretls_cfhelpers.dylib
PE a58f4000-a5a9f000 Deferred        libcrypto.35.dylib
PE a5e16000-a5e70000 Deferred        libcups.2.dylib
PE a5f85000-a5f86000 Deferred        libenergytrace.dylib
PE a5fb3000-a5fb8000 Deferred        libgermantok.dylib
PE a5fb8000-a5fbd000 Deferred        libheimdal-asn1.dylib
PE a5fe8000-a60d8000 Deferred        libiconv.2.dylib
PE a60d8000-a6336000 Deferred        libicucore.a.dylib
PE a637c000-a637e000 Deferred        liblangid.dylib
PE a637e000-a6397000 Deferred        liblzma.5.dylib
PE a63ad000-a6462000 Deferred        libmecab.1.0.0.dylib
PE a6462000-a6698000 Deferred        libmecabra.dylib
PE a685f000-a6ba8000 Deferred        libnetwork.dylib
PE a6ba8000-a731e000 Deferred        libobjc.a.dylib
PE a7321000-a7326000 Deferred        libpam.2.dylib
PE a7328000-a735e000 Deferred        libpcap.a.dylib
PE a739b000-a73b4000 Deferred        libresolv.9.dylib
PE a7402000-a75cc000 Deferred        libsqlite3.dylib
PE a782e000-a7832000 Deferred        libutil.dylib
PE a7832000-a7840000 Deferred        libxar.1.dylib
PE a7840000-a7920000 Deferred        libxml2.2.dylib
PE a7920000-a7949000 Deferred        libxslt.1.dylib
PE a7949000-a7959000 Deferred        libz.1.dylib
PE a7992000-a7997000 Deferred        libcache.dylib
PE a7997000-a79a2000 Deferred        libcommoncrypto.dylib
PE a79a2000-a79aa000 Deferred        libcompiler_rt.dylib
PE a79aa000-a79b5000 Deferred        libcopyfile.dylib
PE a79b5000-a7a1d000 Deferred        libcorecrypto.dylib
PE a7a86000-a7abe000 Deferred        libdispatch.dylib
PE a7abe000-a7aee000 Deferred        libdyld.dylib
PE a7aee000-a7aef000 Deferred        libkeymgr.dylib
PE a7aef000-a7afc000 Deferred        libkxld.dylib
PE a7afc000-a7afd000 Deferred        liblaunch.dylib
PE a7afd000-a7b03000 Deferred        libmacho.dylib
PE a7b03000-a7b06000 Deferred        libquarantine.dylib
PE a7b06000-a7b08000 Deferred        libremovefile.dylib
PE a7b08000-a7b20000 Deferred        libsystem_asl.dylib
PE a7b20000-a7b21000 Deferred        libsystem_blocks.dylib
PE a7b21000-a7bae000 Deferred        libsystem_c.dylib
PE a7bae000-a7bb2000 Deferred        libsystem_configuration.dylib
PE a7bb2000-a7bb6000 Deferred        libsystem_coreservices.dylib
PE a7bb6000-a7bbc000 Deferred        libsystem_darwin.dylib
PE a7bbc000-a7bc3000 Deferred        libsystem_dnssd.dylib
PE a7bc3000-a7c16000 Deferred        libsystem_info.dylib
PE a7c16000-a7c3e000 Deferred        libsystem_kernel.dylib
PE a7c3e000-a7c8d000 Deferred        libsystem_m.dylib
PE a7c8d000-a7caa000 Deferred        libsystem_malloc.dylib
PE a7caa000-a7cb6000 Deferred        libsystem_networkextension.dylib
PE a7cb6000-a7cbd000 Deferred        libsystem_notify.dylib
PE a7cbd000-a7cc5000 Deferred        libsystem_platform.dylib
PE a7cc5000-a7cd1000 Deferred        libsystem_pthread.dylib
PE a7cd1000-a7cd5000 Deferred        libsystem_sandbox.dylib
PE a7cd5000-a7cd8000 Deferred        libsystem_secinit.dylib
PE a7cd8000-a7ce0000 Deferred        libsystem_symptoms.dylib
PE a7ce0000-a7cf5000 Deferred        libsystem_trace.dylib
PE a7cf6000-a7cfd000 Deferred        libunwind.dylib
PE a7cfd000-a7d2d000 Deferred        libxpc.dylib
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 DAoCSetup (1).exe
["C:\DAoCSetup (1).exe"]
00000009    0
0000000e services.exe
00000021    0
0000001c    0
00000013    0
00000010    0
0000000f    0
00000011 winedevice.exe
00000019    0
00000017    0
00000016    0
00000012    0
0000001a plugplay.exe
0000001e    0
0000001d    0
0000001b    0
0000001f winedevice.exe
0000002e    0
00000024    0
00000023    0
00000022    0
00000020    0
00000025 explorer.exe
[C:\windows\system32\explorer.exe /desktop]
0000002b    0
0000002a    0
00000029    0
00000026    0
0000002f (D) C:\users\henri\Temp\RarSFX0\setup.exe
00000030    0 <==
00000033 explorer.exe
[C:\windows\system32\explorer.exe /desktop]
00000037    0
00000036    0
00000035    0
00000034    0
System information:
    Wine build: wine-4.0-rc4 (Staging)
    Platform: i386
    Version: Windows 7
    Host system: Darwin
    Host version: 18.0.0


Dadu042 Sunday 28 April 2019 at 17:36

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x001f1f60 in 32-bit code (0x7ac26ea0).

Mean that the game does crash. Since the version of Wine used is "Wine build: wine-4.0-rc4 (Staging)" (old), I suggest you to upgrade it to at least v4.1 or v4.7

innerhole Sunday 28 April 2019 at 20:08

Thanks Dadu, that worked perfectly!

Dadu042 Sunday 28 April 2019 at 21:23

Please tell us what version you used. This may help other users.

eurekaa Friday 5 July 2019 at 9:48

Facing same problem

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