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Dadu042 Friday 10 May 2019 at 13:32

Content moved from "Supported Applications". July 2017. Posted by :

  1. Wine v2.11
  2. 32-bit host, 'Windows 7' version
  3. DLL override for msvcp140 : Native, then built-in

Sound playback works fine, even for sounds from the RSE soundbanks. No additional configuration is required. PulseAudio integration is transparent and fllawless.

Not tested: the new feature of playing through the same amp/effects chain as the current music score using a guitar interface. I suspect jackd might be needed for acceptable latency. I managed to use a USB Audio-based guitar interface on Linux natively before but needed to setup something like jackd to be able to record at reasonable latency. Not sure how this would interact with Wine.

Remaining issue: quitting GPro 7 through the 'File' menu (or the window close button) does not really close down the application. I guess under Windows 7 natively, it would somehow dock itself rather really quit. I need to kill -HUP the Windows .exe and all the intermediate processes in the launch chain from PlayOnLinux(POL) (killing a child does not kill the parent proceses!). The moment I kill the POL Python wrapper, a POL pop-up appears signalling a crash.

After the pop-up is closed, the GPro 7 session has completely gone. Although one does not need to clean up previous GPro 7 POL sessions to be able to start a new functional one, it is best to clean up previous ones first because otherwise a lot of debris is left in the process table pinning resources (especially on a light-weight laptop).



By the way, I admit this is a rather succinct description, maybe even a little too succinct. I had a very complete description but unfortunately the submission form has a time-out feature that does not warn about the imminent time-out. Also, the time-out is not reset on activity (like typing!).

What is even more incomprehensible is the fact that on time-out all this beautifully typed instruction text is not draft-saved!! Assuming it is not some sick joke by the forum administrator, this is a rather sorry state of affairs!

Please either implement a draft auto-save, switch off the session time-out or reset the time-out on form activity. I suspect a lot of reports fall through the cracks because of this rather amateurish '90s setup.

Unless the PlayOnLinux project team doesn't really like user contributions, of course...

(*)A lame work-around is of course to CTRL-A CTRL-C every so often but only after getting bitten.

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