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Dadu042 Friday 10 May 2019 at 19:14

Content moved from "Supported software" (because no script). Posted by SilentFan in 2017.


Create a virtual drive and install the same extra components that are needed for Silent Hill 3 :
dsound, directmusic, quartz for the Install Components tab of the configuration of the Virtual drive. 
Get a dsdmo.dll from internet (32-bit for Windows XP), and put it in : YourVirtualDrive/drive_c/windows/system32
Then, go to Miscellaneous in your virtual drive configuration screen, and click Open a Shell.
Type the following in : 

POL_Wine regsvr32 dsdmo.dll

Afterwards, just install your game like your normally would, then take the CheckSpec.dll from the Silent Hill 4 game directory and either rename it - move it elsewhere, it is the source a few graphic instabilities ingame. 
Once you have done so, play and enjoy.

Two minor issues :
-Brightness goes up for some reason when you start the game, so you have to compensate the higher lighting with lower brightness in the game's options. It seems to be because SH4 is a port from PS2 - they have a tendency to have this issue for some reason.
-Graphics quality - it sucks. It's SH1 level. But once again that's normal. Native resolution for this is very low, and even if the game gives you the option to set a high resolution it will always be the same low resolution that is just upscaled. This is most apparent in Room 302, but in the rest of the game, it isn't that much of an issue. 
Again, there is a widescreen patch available on the internet, you can use it if you want, but it looks even worse ...

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