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Dadu042 Friday 10 May 2019 at 19:27

Content moved from "Supported software" (because no script). Posted by the user SilentFan in 2017.


I do not have any knowledge about how to make a proper install script for Silent Hill 3 on PlayOnMac, however I am writing this to inform that the game runs with no issues whatsoever once a few steps have been taken care of.

If you try to install Silent Hill 3 on following the standard manual installation procedure, you will get black screens that will freeze the game every time it tries to play a movie, and there will be no sound effects ingame (no foosteps, no enemy sounds, no gunfire outside of the cutscenes in which they work for whatever reason ...) - however for some reason, the radio sound and ambiance work.

This is playable, but if you want all of these issue fixed, here's what I did.

Once you have created the virtual drive on which you want to install Silent Hill 3, select configure in the Playonmac main screen, then select the virtual drive on the left column and choose Install Components.
Install the following : dsound, directmusic, quartz. 
dsound and directmusic for the sound fix, quartz for the videos.
Then get a dsdmo.dll from google, 32-bit version to go with Windows XP, and you will put it in SH3's virtual drive at this location (access it with "Open program's directory" under Miscellaneous in your Virtual Drive's configuration :


Then you want to register it, so go back to your Virtual drive's config, select Miscellaneous, Open a shell, run the following command :

POL_Wine regsvr32 dsdmo.dll

Close the shell once it says he's finished, then click Run a .exe file in this virtual drive and choose the autorun of your disc/the setup.exe and there you go.

If like me you had issues with the install process (took me a couple of hours of searching to figure it out) because you use physical discs or disc images to install the game (it will never recognize the other install cds/image).In my case I was using a North American retail version, which means I had 5 discs. If you have a european version, the issue won't arise - you only have one dvd. This issue occurs only on version that use multiple install discs.

Just copy the first disc's contents in a folder, then put all the files from all of the other discs in that same folder.

You will be prompted that already exists. Do not replace. Just rename the file to
Then move it to the folder with all the other install files. 
After that you need to modify the file in that directory called SILENT HILL 3.msi - the installer as it is will not recognize the file you just renamed, so you need to modify it so it does.
I have already done so - you can get the modified msi installer here : 
(if link died, send a pm - or if the moderator you will read this could put it somewhere more suitable (it will only last 30 days), since this is my first time doing this I don't know if there's a procedure about such things :) )
After download, rename the file to SILENT HILL 3.msi and use it to replace the one where you put all the installation files.
Then, you can install using the autorun/setup.exe like usual, and the game will work without any issues.

N.B : SH3 did not have widescreen support, so if you play on widescreen like me you'll get two black lines on each side of your screen. I know there is a Widescreen fix for that (google it), but since it doesn't bothers me, I didn't try to apply it. 

N.B.2 : You can follow these instructions on a virtual drive on which you installed Silent Hill 2 - they do not conflict at all (even with the extra components), better yet, if you start an SH3 game, when you have at least one save file on your SH2 installation (which need to be on the same drive for that to happen) on which you beat the game, SH3 will directly activate the SH2 references in your first playthrough (which occurs only on second and subsequent playthroughs normaly). 

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