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nPrime Wednesday 17 July 2019 at 21:18

1by1 ( is an audio player that may appeal to people who:

  • Organize their music in directories
  • Like playing random songs from a directory instead of using a playlist (though it does have limited playlist support)
  • Want to be able to see the randomized play order
  • Want to be able to easily change the order in which songs will be played by dragging and dropping


The main disadvantage is limited playlist support - only one playlist (persistent across application restarts) and I don't see a way to save it and load a previously created playlist. The playlist is mostly useful for adding a bunch of songs from different directories and playing them (in order or randomized).


The closest Linux equivalent to this I know of is Decibel, which is no longer being developed and might not be available in repos.


A feature missing in nearly all Linux audio players I've tried (the exception being Audacious, which doesn't do it as easily as 1by1) is the ability to show you the play order of a randomized set of songs, and allow you to easily change it by dragging and dropping.


Distro: openSUSE Tumbleweed

WINE version: 4.11 Staging

It installs without problems.


By default, it only supports mp3 playback. To play other audio formats, you need to install plugins (by copying appropriate DLLs into the directory with 1by1.exe) and it is currently very unclear (from existing documentation) which files you need to play other audio formats.


Default install directory (where you will be copying required DLLs into):

  • /home/<username>/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/<virtualdrivename>/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/1by1/


Plugins for playing other file formats (m4a, flac, ogg, etc.) are available at:



For all of the following downloads, get the 32-bit Windows versions.

At the top-center of the page, download the audio library, unzip it and copy the bass.dll file from it into the 1by1 directory. It supports Vorbis encoded ogg files and mp3s (which 1by1 already supports), but you need it if you want any plugins from the site:

  • For m4a support, download BASS_AAC, and copy bass_aac.dll from it to the 1by1 directory.
  • For flac support, download BASSFLAC, and copy bassflac.dll into the 1by1 directory.
  • For Opus encoded ogg files, download BASSOPUS, and copy bassopus.dll into the 1by1 directory.
  • For ape files (Monkey's Audio - a lossless audio format like flac), download BASS_APE, and copy bass_ape.dll into the 1by1 directory.


Other settings you might want to adjust:

In "Big View" (song title and time displayed in large font) the song name doesn't change to the next song until a few seconds after the new song has started playing. Change that odd default by going to:

Settings > Window style > Big view > change the Cycle time (on the upper right side) to 1 (0 sets it to 1 afterwards).


If you want to change the font or font size of the list, Go to:

Settings > Window style > List and tree > List style

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