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Can't download Wine versions automatically

Error message: "The download seems to have failed."

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2435191 Monday 5 October 2020 at 4:12

I've already installed one non-listed program (Among Us) successfully for MacOS 10.14.6. I would like to download Steam as well. When I try to do this, everything works until POM gets to the "Downloading Wine: 5.0.1" step, which stops after about a second and returns the error message above. When I try downloading a Wine version from Tools -> Manage Wine versions, I get the same message.


Interestingly, I accidentally followed an old tutorial when uninstalling/reinstalling POM, and so I accidentally got a Play On Mac version from 2012 or so. This was able to download Wine through the menubar just fine... except of course it's eight years out of date. So now I have Wine 3.20 and Wine 5.12 (from when I manually added the file from "Wine builds" to the relevant folder), but the Steam download seems intent on using 5.0.1. I suppose I could download 5.0.1 from this site and see if that works, but I'd really like to see if there's some underlying issue here. Also it would be way easier for the future.