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Run linux application and get its stdout and stderr output

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brunoais Thursday 17 March 2022 at 13:09


I'm trying to run an application (gitExtensions) that, behind the scenes, runs git commands. I'm trying to "wire" so native (linux executable) git is run instead of windows git.

From the application's side, it's just selecting a cmd file to run for git.

On PlayOnLinux's side, I can't get the output of the native git program. If I use wine cmd, I can't run the application but I can execute /usr/bin/git and get the output from git.

In order to have that working when using wine command directly (but not in POL), I followed their FAQ at 5.8 How do I launch native applications from a Windows application?.

When I try to run the console in POL, the program appears to run but no output is generated. Even though the native program is outputing text, nothing appears in the console.

What's going wrong? What is being done wrong? How to fix so Linux's git runs correctly?



/usr/bin/git --version

Which is in git.cmd (I made)

@echo off
/usr/bin/git --version


Then I directed the application to:


Which I also also tried with the shell opened using "Wine" tabe, then "Command prompt" button (as shown in the image).


Comparing both



Technical info

Linux version: ubuntu 18.04

Version de POL: 4.3.4

Full computer specs: N/A

Wine version: 6.17 (x64)

Components installed: (None)

Wine modifications:

  1. Registry
    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\PATHEXT = ".com;.exe;.bat;.cmd;.vbs;.vbe;.js;.jse;.wsf;.wsh;."

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