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Microsoft Money crashes

Several attempts and installs

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pgracer2022 Saturday 7 May 2022 at 18:18


I have installed Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe (I know, I know, but it is so intuitive and looks like a checkbook register... LOL!) several times and the same thing happens every time:  The install goes well and the program opens and runs, but as soon as I attempt to use any internal navigation it crashes.  Yes, I am new to Linux and definitely NOT a programmer, but sincerly hope that I am capable of getting you the information necessary to be able to assist in this, and other, matters.  Not a single install of a Windows game or program has actually worked yet and I am certain it must be somethign I am doing wrong.  Thank you for your time, consideration and knowledge!

PlayOnLinux Debug:

[05/07/22 09:24:52] - Running wine- --version (Working directory : /usr/share/playonlinux/python)

wine-6.0.3 (Ubuntu 6.0.3~repack-1)


PlayOnLinux logfile


Date: 05/07/22 09:24:52


> PlayOnLinux Version


> uname -a

Linux primo-Inspiron-660 5.15.0-27-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 14 04:55:28 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

> lsb_release -a


> wine --version

wine-6.0.3 (Ubuntu 6.0.3~repack-1)





> Distribution

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

> glxinfo \| grep rendering

direct rendering: Yes

> glxinfo \| grep renderer

GLX_MESA_query_renderer, GLX_MESA_swap_control, GLX_NV_float_buffer,

GLX_MESA_copy_sub_buffer, GLX_MESA_query_renderer, GLX_MESA_swap_control,

Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer):

OpenGL renderer string: Mesa Intel(R) HD Graphics 2500 (IVB GT1)

> OpenGL libs (Direct rendering testing)

check_dd_x86 missing, test skipped

check_dd_amd64 missing, test skipped


[05/07/22 09:24:52] - This is a 32bits prefix!

[05/07/22 09:24:53] - Running wine- cmd /c echo %ProgramFiles% (Working directory : /usr/share/playonlinux/python)

C:\Program Files

0088:err:rpc:I_RpcReceive we got fault packet with status 0x1c010003

[05/07/22 09:25:01] - Running wine- /media/primo/MONEY2004/autorun.exe setup.exe (Working directory : /media/primo/MONEY2004)

wine: cannot find L"/media/primo/MONEY2004/autorun.exe setup.exe"


Backtrace error from program:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x7dfb52f2).
Register dump:
 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:006b GS:0063
 EIP:7dfb52f2 ESP:0031aaf4 EBP:0031ab18 EFLAGS:00010212(  R- --  I   -A- - )
 EAX:00000000 EBX:033b87b0 ECX:0031ab30 EDX:7e018480
 ESI:00000000 EDI:80040111
Stack dump:
0x0031aaf4:  00000000 084322c0 083171e2 084320e0
0x0031ab04:  0031ab1c 0031ab30 0031ab30 033d8ce8
0x0031ab14:  7dfd1e90 033b87b0 0832cc4c 7dfd1e90
0x0031ab24:  033d8ce8 7dfb52a5 0832cc4c 033b87b0
0x0031ab34:  033d8db8 084322c0 00000000 033b87b0
0x0031ab44:  0846c140 033d8d8c 033d8d9c 00000000
=>0 0x7dfb52f2 (0x0031ab18)
  1 0x0832cc4c EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in mshtml (0x033b87b0)
  2 0x00000001 (0x0031ab80)
  3 0x0031abe0 (0x0031ac64)
  4 0x00000000 (0x7dfd1e90)
0x7dfb52f2: movl    0x0(%eax),%edx
Module    Address            Debug info    Name (88 modules)
PE      320000-  34a000    Deferred        zlib1
PE      400000-  40e000    Deferred        msmoney
PE      410000-  876000    Deferred        ole32
PE      880000-  d25000    Deferred        comctl32
PE      d30000- 1129000    Deferred        oleaut32
PE     1890000- 1adc000    Deferred        comdlg32
PE     1ae0000- 1c46000    Deferred        winmm
PE     1c50000- 1c5f000    Deferred        misstub
PE     1c60000- 1c66000    Deferred        dtsrcfle
PE     1c70000- 1c8a000    Deferred        dtsrchlp
PE     1fc0000- 1fcf000    Deferred        keyhook
PE     2b30000- 2b7d000    Deferred        msisam10
PE     2b90000- 2b97000    Deferred        jobqmgr
PE     7dc0000- 7e3f000    Deferred        itss
PE     8310000- 97c4000    Dwarf           mshtml
PE    10500000-10c9a000    Deferred        mnyob99
PE    12000000-1200e000    Deferred        mnycore
PE    12100000-12107000    Deferred        mnylog
PE    1b050000-1b08a000    Deferred        msuni10
PE    27100000-271a9000    Deferred        mnyutil
PE    27300000-2734a000    Deferred        mnyadv
PE    28000000-2807e000    Deferred        mnyonl
PE    28280000-2829a000    Deferred        olutdll
PE    28640000-2864e000    Deferred        olfi
PE    286e0000-286f2000    Deferred        mnyinet
PE    287d0000-287dc000    Deferred        olshared
PE    29100000-29290000    Deferred        planui
PE    29350000-29365000    Deferred        pfcplan
PE    29380000-293db000    Deferred        compdll
PE    29490000-294b3000    Deferred        mnyui
PE    294c0000-29527000    Deferred        ofdutil
PE    295c0000-295f1000    Deferred        taxutil
PE    298c0000-29a09000    Deferred        report
PE    29bc0000-29e79000    Deferred        msofd
PE    2a1c0000-2a225000    Deferred        mscofd
PE    2a2c0000-2a30c000    Deferred        mspfctl0
PE    2a400000-2a46d000    Deferred        pfplan
PE    2a790000-2a79a000    Deferred        mnyxml
PE    2acb0000-2adb0000    Deferred        mpiue
PE    2b2b0000-2b39d000    Deferred        reg
PE    2b5b0000-2b5ba000    Deferred        fpgoals
PE    2b900000-2b90c000    Deferred        mnysl
PE    31530000-31553000    Deferred        aw
PE    61740000-61832000    Deferred        advapi32
PE    61940000-61b21000    Deferred        wininet
PE    62e00000-62e3a000    Deferred        odbccp32
PE    62fc0000-631d3000    Deferred        rpcrt4
PE    63480000-6349b000    Deferred        version
PE    637c0000-63a4b000    Deferred        urlmon
PE    63bc0000-63c04000    Deferred        shcore
PE    64a40000-64b29000    Deferred        shlwapi
PE    65080000-6562e000    Deferred        msi
PE    658c0000-65901000    Deferred        sxs
PE    66240000-66288000    Deferred        bcrypt
PE    66a40000-66ad5000    Deferred        atl
PE    67d40000-67db9000    Deferred        mmdevapi
PE    68500000-68640000    Deferred        combase
PE    68700000-68788000    Deferred        uxtheme
PE    68dc0000-68ebe000    Deferred        hhctrl
PE    69500000-69506000    Deferred        wkernlng
PE    6a040000-6a0a2000    Deferred        msacm32
PE    6a280000-6a4cd000    Deferred        msvcrt
PE    6afc0000-6b001000    Deferred        tapi32
PE    6bc00000-6bc99000    Deferred        sechost
PE    6bcc0000-6be60000    Deferred        setupapi
PE    6c9c0000-6cf59000    Deferred        gdi32
PE    6d580000-6d5d1000    Deferred        cabinet
PE    6db40000-6db72000    Deferred        imagehlp
PE    6e8c0000-6eb79000    Deferred        crypt32
PE    6ed00000-6f389000    Deferred        user32
PE    6f4c0000-6f560000    Deferred        wintrust
PE    6f700000-6f9c4000    Deferred        ieframe
PE    6fa80000-6fc82000    Deferred        dbghelp
PE    6fe40000-6fedb000    Deferred        rsaenh
PE    70940000-70994000    Deferred        mpr
PE    70b40000-70df9000    Deferred        ucrtbase
PE    710c0000-710f2000    Deferred        mspatcha
PE    71200000-71251000    Deferred        imm32
PE    73dd0000-73ec2000    Deferred        mfc42
PE    7b000000-7b348000    Deferred        kernelbase
PE    7b600000-7b929000    Deferred        kernel32
PE    7bc00000-7bea9000    Deferred        ntdll
PE    7d210000-7d213000    Deferred        winepulse
PE    7d800000-7d80b000    Deferred        winspool
PE    7df40000-7df63000    Deferred        msxml3
PE    7e5c0000-7ee92000    Deferred        shell32
PE    7f510000-7f514000    Deferred        winex11
PE    7f8b0000-7f8b6000    Deferred        ws2_32
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000020 (D) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money\System\msmoney.exe
    00000024    0 <==
    000000ec    1
    000000f0    1
    000000f4    1
    000000f8   -2
    0000010c    0
    00000110    0
    00000114   15
    00000140    0
00000038 services.exe
    0000003c    0
    00000040    0
    0000004c    0
    00000068    0
    00000080    0
    000000a4    0
    000000cc    0
00000044 winedevice.exe
    00000048    0
    00000054    0
    00000058    0
    0000005c    0
00000060 plugplay.exe
    00000064    0
    0000006c    0
    00000070    0
    00000074    0
    00000090    0
00000078 winedevice.exe
    0000007c    0
    00000084    0
    00000088    0
    0000008c    0
    00000098    0
0000009c svchost.exe
    000000a0    0
    000000a8    0
    000000ac    0
000000b0 explorer.exe
    000000b4    0
    000000b8    0
    000000bc    0
000000c4 rpcss.exe
    000000c8    0
    000000d4    0
    000000d8    0
    000000dc    0
    000000e0    0
    000000e4    0
    000000fc    0
    0000011c    0
System information:
    Wine build: wine-6.0.3 (Ubuntu 6.0.3~repack-1)
    Platform: i386
    Version: Windows 7
    Host system: Linux
    Host version: 5.15.0-27-generic

System Info:

perating System: Ubuntu 22.04

KDE Plasma Version: 5.24.4

KDE Frameworks Version: 5.92.0

Qt Version: 5.15.3

Kernel Version: 5.15.0-27-generic (64-bit)

Graphics Platform: X11

Processors: 4 × Intel® Core™ i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz

Memory: 7.6 GiB of RAM

Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 2500


PlayOnLinux Info: