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what games can i run on macbook?

which macbook version should I buy for gaming

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rkric258 Sunday 19 June 2022 at 14:26

Currently, I'm looking for a suggestion to purchase my new laptop for gaming and editing purpose. I have already checked out some good devices from the Apple MacBook series, but I'm confused, because I don't know what games can I run on MacBook and which version should I take for gaming? Below I have included a gaming list which I want to play on my mac. Please Check the list and suggest me the best version of MacBook where I can play these games without any issues.

Game lists:

World War
Ever Quest
The Witcher 3
Dying Light
Hitman 3
half-life alyx

Does this site providing MacBook Pro legal price, because I have faced some issues with our country reseller, they’re charging too much price than the official price. Should I take from this site, I am also seeking this advice.

I have already posted on some Mac communities such as insanely mac, mac help, and mac observer, but still, I didn’t get any good suggestions about this price.

Hope I will receive my best suggestions from playonmac community. Thanks in advance


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RogerWilco Thursday 7 July 2022 at 8:41

1) The current situation for playing games on any Mac is poor. Things like Wine and PlayOnMac are at best going to help with some games, sometimes. Even things that work today might not work tomorrow. I played games exclusively on Mac for 10+ years, but ever since they dropped 32bit support, mostly dropped OpenGL support, and x86/amd64 support, it has been a pain.


2) I don't think anyone here has any idea about Mac prices in Bangladesh. I don't even know what ৳ is. Talk to people in Bangladesh. Make sure that you look at the warranty situation.