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undercover and serious sam II


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dalse Tuesday 6 January 2009 at 0:10

hi you lot!. I am a user of PARDUS, linux.. There is a playonlinux 2 3.1.3 and wine 1,1,8 on my system.I couldn'T manage to install NFS undercover and Serious Sam II. Please help me about this matter. Is there a any videos which show the installation of these games?
Is there any obligatıon for these games to be installed from dvd or cd? Is it possible for me to copy these files to "home directory" to install the game?
Evenif the nfs seems to be installed in a 30 seconds, it gives error... I am looking forward to hearing from you..
Ghostofkendo Wednesday 14 January 2009 at 18:17

Hi dalse,

I don't know any video of the installations.

Moreover, this is the wrong section, you should post a topic (for each game) in the "Issues" section. And give more details, what happens during the installation, etc.