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StreetFighter IV on Linux ?

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Laughingman Friday 31 July 2009 at 0:04

Well using wine 1.1.26
the game installs without any errors
now the main problem here and i have searched it on net is that "Game Window Live" or "GWL" is required to play
and the GWL requires .Net Framework 3.0 where in 3.0 the new client is crappy so u need 3.5sp1
oh and don't forget DX9c although DX10 is more likely

my question is simple can two installed application like GWL and streetfight communicate with each other ?
and can i straight forward install the .net 3.5sp1 and DX10 into wine ?

i haven't installed the GWL yet coz i net the bloodly .net 3.5 too

those who are thinking the game is installed i can just run it wtf? is GWL is needed for?
well the game won't run :D you will get crappy black screen :D

I KNOW people will be dying to play this game
and many have thought of even duel booting --- avoiding it for certain period and hoping it will work :D

just anthother though :D if all this work can i use a generic joystick connect to linux, will i would be able to use it in whine via linux ?

any thoughts you guys :D
yousifeyad Wednesday 23 September 2009 at 11:02

hey laughingman, i see you asked this question quite some time ago.
did you get the game to work?
a lot of people wanna play it on linux to get rid of dual booting.