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patching editing wine versions with wineprefix

dude where's my documentation?

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Driacs constant Friday 23 July 2010 at 18:36
Driacs constantAnonymous

i have some patches and glsl updates that i wish to apply to a specific version of wine.
However, the playonlinux wine version appears to be a shared library
( that links to no discernible place in particular.
the documentation is incredibly lax (read nonexistent), and any help would be appreciated.

okay i'm not just complaining for the sake of complaining, i'm willing to write and edit scripts however it need be, and if i find a solution it will be posted here
Driacs constant Sunday 12 September 2010 at 21:31
Driacs constantAnonymous

okay so POL doesn't have a solution, however when one complies the wine source
you can specify the location with
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/foo/bar
# make install
it will then create the prefix in the desired location and have another wine install on your system

of course you will need to symbolically link (# ln -s) the new executable to your /bin file
Aymeric P. Sunday 12 September 2010 at 21:37
Aymeric P.

Did you read this one ?

Former member.