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ryousuke Wednesday 7 November 2007 at 14:00

After much thinking, we've added the first game in POL whose CD/DVD protection does not function, Prey.

The decision to support these games was made in order not to penalize the users with too limited a list of games. At the moment, Wine supports CD/DVD protections extremely bad (and some not at all) and the stable and effective support of its protections will take time.

However do not believe that POL will become a "crack factory" !!

Here are the established rules :

1- Anyone who asks or gives a link to ILLEGAL CONTENT will be banned at once.

2- Scripts whose games have an unsupported protection will have to contain this warning :

attention "ATTENTION!! CD/DVD Protection of this game does not function correctly with wine. You will not be able to play this game without thwarting this protection, which is ILLEGAL !!! PlayOnLinux could not be held responsible in charge of YOUR decision. In any case do not ask nor speak about illegal practices on the PlayOnLinux website under penalty of being immediately and definitively BANNED!!"

3- Scripts are to never contain links towards illegal contents, if it is the case the script will be immediately erased and its author will be banned.

Here, I hope that all is clear, respect our policy and do not make us regret our choice.

Edited by RoninDusette

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