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Works excellent - but no Language Input support

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satsutaba Tuesday 22 May 2012 at 3:15

Hi there,
I just installed Hancom Hangul Office on my mac using Playonmac, and it works superbly fine. The only problem: I cannot switch language input methods. Well, I switch the language (eg from English to Korean input) on the mac, but the program only takes English input. That is: Even though my mac language input (the little flag next to the time in the upper right corner) is set to "Korean", the output only comes in roman letters.

I think this is a univeral problem: Language input is not switchable if you use playonmac. Can you guys fix that in a feature update?

Okay, so why am I doing this anyhow, you may ask? In Korea, the Hangul Office software is basically what Word is for other people. So there is no real way around it.