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Shadowrun(2007) GFW Questions/Confusion

Does anyone know how to use Games for windows?

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Shadow19231 Friday 15 June 2012 at 23:13

Hello there! I am a new user to Ubuntu Linux and a new user to PlayOnLinux. My favorite game in the whole world is a game called Shadowrun. Since i don't have windows anymore I want to know if anyone got it working, and if they could help me with it. I'd appreciate it so much.. My knowledge of how the game connects is very little, but i'd love to help when i can.

Before we begin i'd like to share what i know from windows. For shadowrun to start it needs a program called "Games For Windows Marketplace Client". Without this, Shadowrun will have an error saying "windows was unable to initialize live components". There might be a way to workaround this, but at this time i don't know a way for linux.

My laptop is Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) with PlayOnLinux 4.0.14. I have an I7 processor, 8gm ram ddr3, 500gb hard drive, and a geforce gtx 560m graphics card. 

My attempts at this

1.clicked Install a non-listed game
2.clicked Install a program in a new virtual drive
3.Named my application virtual drive "ShadowrunVirtualDrive"
4.Clicked on 2 of the 3 options for pre-install actions. one being "Use another version of wine", and another being "configure wine".
5.I picked 1.5.6 wine because i assumed it would be the easiest to work with.
6.I configured wine to be windows version XP. I also made sure my path was 
"z/home/sean" for my drive. ----This game was made for vista/XP---
7.Used my CD-ROM install cd of shadowrun
8.Clicked install on shadowrun's installer, and i have an error saying that nothing was there to be ran. 

That is where i'm at in my quest to play Shadowrun. If anyone can spot a mistake I've made please point it out. Also if there is a way to catch or log  the problems while doing it please post the way how.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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