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Suggestion to add the PopCap Games

All the PopCap games work swimmingly, please add them to the apps list.

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blackoutworm Friday 13 July 2012 at 2:06

Hello. All the popcap games work swimmingly.

Feeding Frenzy and 2 Deluxe does require the flashplayer package.
Older games such as Zuna and Bejeweled 2 will open in 4:3 ratio, so they'll need some small config tweaks too.
Chuzzle Deluxe will glitch a little when you switch between fullscreen and  windowed mode, the workaround is to use compiz as a standalone window manager. You can also simply just change the config settings to only open it in windowed mode or set your screen resolution.
A couple of the games such as Plants VS Zombies will give you a Crash message from PlayOnLinux if you close it by pressing ALT+F4 instead of Exit the game.
Bejeweled Blitz is an online bejewed game, and therefor you'll gonna have to install a web browser within that wine bottle.
Other than that, all the 40+ games work just fine.

Installed them all with playonlinux.
I think it's weird not to have any of these games in the list.
A lot of them are pretty popular, and they work Platinum/Gold good (to use the Wine terms).

Btw, I tested these on PinguyOS 11.04, so you will probably not get the compiz errors on a newer and more up-to-date distro.