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messenger and office 2010.

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giankitax Vendredi 22 Février 2013 à 4:58

Hello guys, I have being using this great program for a while from the ubuntu software center but I noticed the newer version on the site so I decided to change to PlayOnLinux 4.1.9, but I'd experienced some problems like: I have no access to the chat...(Image1) and when I try to install Office 2010 I receive this messaje (Image2).

Since I'm using the office 2007 and the chat is not big deal I could wait the update, but I'm wondering if PlayOnLinux have a ppa? I like to use the ubuntu software center but I want to be updated! by the way, with the ubuntu software center version I had no troubles with the chat but the did not tried the Office 2010.

Thx guys. =)

(I'm Using ubuntu 12.04 x64, with unity.)

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petch Vendredi 22 Février 2013 à 6:57

To have it updated thru the software center, follow the instructions for your distribution on the download page.
To install Microsoft Office 2010, install the winbind package.
The chat tries to connect to the #playonlinux IRC channel on the Freenode network, something must be preventing that on your setup (IRC protocol being filtered?)
giankitax Samedi 23 Février 2013 à 0:04

Hello petch thx, I have two more questions about this:

-With the commands it says I need to Precise Pangolin, the PlayOnLinux updates will be added to the update manager? If not, how does it work?

-About windbind, no idea what it is or how to install it?

Thx again.
giankitax Samedi 23 Février 2013 à 0:31

I have being reading some posts and troubles with office 2010 and I "found" reading that winbind is part of samba or similar, the thing is, I installed Samba from the UbuntuSoftwareCenter and I think the problem is gone.

I'll post the advance in few hours. thx.
baddan Jeudi 12 Juin 2014 à 18:53

install winbind packed.