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Devildog1975 Vendredi 22 Février 2013 à 16:06

  Hey I just download playonLinux just a few days ago because a friend of mine just got it back in Nov2012 and he told me that he got World of Tanks to work through this site and I would like to get the same game to work for me.  Is there a way you guys can hlep me out with getting to work pls.......
xpander Vendredi 22 Février 2013 à 18:19

yes.. install it via playonlinux

or provide error logs if you had/have some troubles
Robbz Lundi 25 Février 2013 à 16:44

It is now in the testing section of POL so please give it a try there!

StrontyDog Mardi 5 Mars 2013 à 14:28

I installed World of Tanks with playonlinux and everything works perfectly except the fact that there is only one client option and it is the NA client that is installed. There are seperate clients for Europe and North America(also China and Russia btw) and I am playing on the European server.

Any plans to add the European client to the list? And thanks for making a great software package.
StrontyDog Mardi 5 Mars 2013 à 16:35

The version on PlayOnLinux worked for me on Ubunto 12.1 x64. The version that is installed using PlayOnLinux is the NA client however so you need to follow the below steps to change it to the EU client.

Firstly go through the installation process for the NA client using PlayOnLinux and when you get to the end and the WoT launcher loads and starts patching the game. Cancel it and finish the final step in the PoL installation wizard. Then download the EU client from the and install that using Wine. Once it's installed you can replace the installation on wine with the NA copy that has been installed in PlayOnLinux.

Open PlayOnLinux and select World of Tanks and click "Open the directory" on the right hand side. This is the NA installation, go back one folder and delete the World_of_Tanks folder. Leave the current folder open and open a new window to browse to where your wine installation is installed(it should be home/.wine/drive_c/Games and cut the World_of_Tanks from there and paste it into the folder on the PlayOnLinux directory structure you already have open. When you load WorldofTanks using PlayOnLinux it should now be the EU client instead of the NA client. I presume this will also work similarly with the Russian and Chinese versions of the client.
Robbz Vendredi 8 Mars 2013 à 4:19

Just now say your post. Sorry I didn't get back to you faster.

I updated the install and the World of Tanks script now works with all regions clients except Korea. (Korea seems to use a different client)

I would like to thank you for the instructions until i could get the script updated.

Thanks again.

StrontyDog Mardi 12 Mars 2013 à 10:44

Thanks Robbz
Robbz Lundi 25 Mars 2013 à 11:48

Thank you StrontyDog

Jesseman1 Mardi 10 Mai 2016 à 2:40

Excuse me, yesterday I spent over 5 hours downloading and installing this game and all it's updates using the PlayonLinux application, when I finally tried to play it, the client window closed after about 1 minute of loading my garage after I logged on. I already have an account from when I downloaded World of Tanks: Blitz on my iPad, why isnt it working? I'm currently running the latest version of Lubuntu; version 15.04.

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