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visitntx Lundi 1 Avril 2013 à 7:42

Hi again, this time is the script for the GOG version of System Shock 2, so it can be directly downloaded from or use the already downloaded installer from them.

This one really needs testing, the game istall and start without any problem, but I'm testing with llvmpipe driver because I have an Intel HD Graphics in my notebook and that means no 3D acceleration for me (or the gpu hung appears).

# Date : (2013-03-31)
# Last Revision : (2013-03-31)
# Wine version used : 1.5.10
# Distribution used to test : Debian Wheezy (Testing repositories)
# Author : VisitntX
# Script licence : GPL v.2
# Program licence : Retail
# Depend :
[ -z "$PLAYONLINUX" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"
TITLE=" - System Shock 2"
SHORTCUT_NAME="System Shock 2"
POL_GetSetupImages "" "" "$TITLE"
POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Irrational Games and Looking Glass / Night Dive Studios" "$GOGID" "VisitntX" "$PREFIX"
POL_Call POL_GoG_setup "$GOGID" "d2aeff3075e5b099d353bd4610d9da3d"
POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"
POL_Call POL_GoG_install
# Setting the Windows Version
Set_OS win98
# Cleaning Wine by rebooting
POL_Shortcut "Shock2.exe" "$SHORTCUT_NAME" "" "" "Game;" # "$SHORTCUT_NAME.png"
POL_Shortcut_Document "$SHORTCUT_NAME" "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/ Shock 2/manual.pdf"


The last one is the 22x22 png Icon.

Once petch gives me the OK I will submit it.
petch Lundi 1 Avril 2013 à 10:22

Hi visitntx,
Ah System Shock 2, sweet memories ;)
It's only in my long wishlist for now...

Ok, back to your script, well it's quite standard so not much to say.
Does it work with latest stable version of Wine (1.4.1)? If not and there's a good reason for the Wine version used, it would be a good thing to document it to avoid mistakes when updating the script. Personally I prefer to document my tests outside of the scripts, in a wiki (, to avoid cluttering them too much.
You can also be a little more specific in the category, and use "Game;RolePlaying;", I think it would be appropriate to this game. Registered categories are documented in
By the way I'm currently updating all my scripts to add those categories, but it will take a while :/

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visitntx Lundi 1 Avril 2013 à 16:01

Thanks petch, I will test it deeply with 1.4.1 and see how it goes. And I will change the category, but sholdn't be Action, cuz is mainly an FPS?
petch Lundi 1 Avril 2013 à 16:27

If I remember you collect quite a few items and informations for just a plain FPS...
But yes, selecting the most accurate category can be tricky and subjective
luttztfz Dimanche 1 Décembre 2013 à 23:24

Hello and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I used to boot into Windows to play System Shock 2 because I wasn’t able to get it running with my system WINE installation at all. I don’t know how and why, but with Play On Linux and this script it works and very well too!
I run Gentoo Linux and used the ebuild in the tree (POL 1.4.9).
Architecture is AMD64 (i.e. 64-bit libraries, but with the emul-linux-x86 stuff).
The graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 6670 (Barts), I use the open source drivers (mesa 9.2.4 with the llvm-r600-compiler) and s3tc; Interstingly, for Steam (more specifically the games started with the client for Linux) to continue to work I recently had to set the environment variable force_s3tc_enable=true which I did globally in my /etc/env.d/ directory.
Anyway, System Shock 2 runs at a great speed on Linux! All graphics is at least as smooth as I know it from Windows (but this is subjective as I haven’t checked the actual fps performance). I run SS2 with a resoltion of 1680x1050.

I haven’t tried any mod yet. Could this go into the script?

So, thanks again!
LeoDeBruyn Vendredi 20 Décembre 2013 à 7:00

I was able to install the game and run it, but GOG now offers a patch as well, and this will not run in this virtual drive. It complains that it can't run in this version of windows.

The patch is patch_system_shock2_2.1.1.20.exe.
unslaved30 Mercredi 19 Mars 2014 à 6:31

LeoDeBruyn I found a fix for your problem with the System Shock 2 Patch. I just installed the GOG version of System Shock 2 from the POL menu under game scripts. Install the game normally with the script and then after the game installation is complete. Goto the wine tab were you installed System Shock 2 and then goto "Configure Wine" under Applications, the windows version will be set to Windows 98, change it to Windows 7 then click apply. Click out of Configure Wine, then click on the Miscellaneous tab and goto "Run a .exe file in this virtual drive" select your patch_system_shock2_2.1.1.20.exe file install it. Then after its installed go back into "Configure Wine" and set the windows version back to Windows 98 and click apply, and your done! Enjoy!