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SpasticHairpin Mercredi 3 Avril 2013 à 5:27

Hi everyone, can you remove components on POL? I accidently installed a component to one of my wine prefixes that I didn't need and I would like to remove it. I also searched for component remove on the forums but I couldn't find anything.

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petch Mercredi 3 Avril 2013 à 8:08


That's usually not possible; it involves adding or overwriting files, changing registry values, so there's no generic way to go back to the old state.
Ronin DUSETTE Mercredi 3 Avril 2013 à 18:27

Yeah. You are better off with a fresh virtual drive, as once things are installed in there, it makes it hard to get them back to their original state, if not almost impossible.

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booman Mercredi 1 Mai 2013 à 20:20

If you have PlayOnLinux 4.2.1 there is a button in Configuration: Wine Uninstaller
It will show you different libraries that were installed from the scrip or your manual installation.
But like Petch and DJYoshaBYD said... it may do more damage than help.

I used it as a last resort to troubleshoot a game.

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