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kilobyte Dimanche 27 Janvier 2008 à 21:30

Hello, I just installed Playonlinux, and I tried to install Star Trek:Armada 2. I looked at your compatibility and noticed it was not on the compatible list. So, I take it I'll need to develop a script somehow? If so, how do I create such a script?
Also, what happens when I start the game is that the game starts the intro screen, but after a second, the game grays up, so it locks up. Is this due to incompatibility or just because I don't have a Windows version of the drivers installed under Linux?
Thank you for help. The game runs fine under Windows, BTW. I would try Half Life, but I lost the CD key.
kilobyte Dimanche 27 Janvier 2008 à 23:19

Ok, I think I may have limited down the problem.
Is there a way to install DirectX under Wine, or do I need to install the Windows driver for my nVidia card somehow under Wine?
Or, am I just on the wrong track?
chubs730 Lundi 28 Janvier 2008 à 4:28

check the to see if your game is compatible and if any tricks are necessary to run it. you won't need to install windows drivers for your card, the linux ones will suffice, and in the majority of cases you won't need to install directx.
Ghostofkendo Lundi 28 Janvier 2008 à 18:41

Hi kilobyte,

First check the Wine's appdb to see the compatibility level of your game with wine. (HERE for Star Trek Armada 2 version 1.1 patched).
As you can see, the game seems to run with little problems (of sound or slowness) but it runs.
So try to update wine to the last version, if it's not yet done. Then check if your game still don't works (I suppose you used the POL's LiveInstall to install it)

About DirectX, if you absolutely want to install it, there's a dedicated option in the "Tools" menu of POL.

What are your hardware and your distribution, by the way ?

kilobyte Mardi 29 Janvier 2008 à 4:10

I have Wine 9.46 installed, so I need to upgrade to 9.5x, hopefully that may help.
I have Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, an aging Athlon XP 2600+, 1 GB of RAM, and a GeForce 6800 (vanilla).
Not the best of PC's, but works for what I do.
Thanks for the help so far.
kilobyte Mercredi 30 Janvier 2008 à 1:23

I got it working, sound works, but the cursor goes in and out, and it runs a tad slower, but not too bad.
It's playable, but not like it plays under Win XP.
Ghostofkendo Vendredi 1 Février 2008 à 10:22

I think it's better than not playable at all, don't you? ;-)

By the way, you should mark your topic as "resolved" now you can play to Star Trak Armada 2, even if it's not in the best conditions.