Problems with Pulseaudio and PlayonLinux

No sound or sound only in playonlinux

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Zappka Jeudi 27 Juin 2013 à 15:25

I'm kinda new to PlayonLinux and have been fighting quite a lot with getting it to work nice with PulseAudio. I'm getting a bit tired of not getting anywhere and any help would be much appreciated :)

I'm on a Gentoo 64-bit system using the Intel HD audio driver
I'm using Cinnamon (and therefore PulseAudio (-.-)

Ok, my local Wine is working fine with PA (PulseAudio) and the ones i get from PlayonLinux does not. Either I get no  sound at all or I get sound in only the app I'm currently running on PlayonLinux, as far as I can tell which of these I get depends on what other programs are playing audio at the moment.

The errors I get from the debugger are:

ALSA lib conf.c:3314:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib64/alsa-lib/
ALSA lib pcm.c:2217:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM default
fixme:avrt:AvSetMmThreadCharacteristicsW (L"Audio",0x255fe9a8): stub

Now, I think it has something to do with the drivers wine uses. My distro-supplied wine uses "winepulse.drv" and POL uses "winealsa.drv" and I have been trying to get the POL ones to use winepulse.drv but have had no success. I'm guessing that my distro has patched in support for PA and POL has not? Is there any way to manually patch this in?

(edit) I checked around a bit and found the PulseAudio patches that my
distro uses.
Is there any way for me to get the patches that are used in the POL-supplied wine's so I could try to build a working setup?

Thanks in advance!

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Ronin DUSETTE Jeudi 27 Juin 2013 à 18:29

We dont use pulseaudio nor do we support it, but that being said, POL automatically uses ALSA no matter what, unless you are running an old version of PlayOnLinux. Our current version is 4.2.1, and you can get it from our download section. If you arent running 4.2.1, please update it.

I run Kubuntu, and it uses pulseaudio, and POL always defaults to ALSA and it always works.

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petch Jeudi 27 Juin 2013 à 19:07

Zappka Vendredi 28 Juin 2013 à 0:16

Thanks for the fast replies. Ok, then I have to use padsp instead. I read somewhere that it uses OSS, which I haven't built support for. Do I need to do that because just using 'padsp playonlinux' didn't change anything. I could also be using it wrong...

(edit) Ok, there was a bug with some libs I had installed which prevented pulseaudio from working with wine correctly. Everything is working fine now.

Thanks again for the help!

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