[TEST] XMEN Legends 2

let's say platinum, for all that matters...

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marianojoey Lundi 8 Juillet 2013 à 4:38

Hi again, another game tested, this time, the ported version for PC of this game. :)

As always: Phenom II x4, with Ubuntu 12.04 64, 8 GB RAM, GTX 550 Ti.
POL updated to latest version, wine running under 1.5.31.

Just installed it with manual installation, and the game installed perfectly. Started the game, went into options, changed what needed to be changed (screen definition, for starters, since it's ridiculously small at 800x600). Since I run everything on a virtual screen of 1600x900, the game had that option in the list.

The game runs flawlessly, played for about 3 hours with my girlfriend. I used the keyboard, and she used a joypad (PS2 style).

NOTE: Before conecting the joypad (I had to install qjoypad in order to use it with the game, because wine didn't recognize it conected), using the options menu to change the keymaps for the game worked flawlessly, but once the game detected the joypad, and I went to the options in order to map it's buttons, pressing accept crashed the game. The buttonmaps were saved before the crash, so after reopening the game, we could use the joypad as programed. Entering the advanced options where you chance screen definition and key/button maps) for ANY reason WILL crash the game. But since the game is fully playable, and everything works, I mention it as Platinum under Wine standars. Ah, another thing: Several months ago (about 1.5.18 was out), I installed the game under wine (didn't use POL back then), and the joypad worked perfectly, with no crash on the options menu, so either the problem is under 1.5.31, or under POL.

Anyway, enjoy the game, it's funnier if you have 3 other friends to play it. :)

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booman Vendredi 23 Aoüt 2013 à 19:42

Cool, thanks for the update!

I've had mixed problems with controllers too. works in one game doesn't work in the other game.
Not sure why, but controller analog sticks control the mouse in Linux as expected.
I'll keep revisiting controllers because I know there is a demand for them to work in games.
Thanks again.!!!

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