FREELANCER can't change resolution

not in game, wine or ini file

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Nov8tr Jeudi 18 Juillet 2013 à 20:17

I installed Freelancer. It did the 1.1 update. The game plays BUT, lol. Can't change resolution. (you can change it but it does nothing to clarify) You can change it inside the game but it has no effect. You can change it with the wine desktop size and as soon as the game starts it goes from my native setting of 1920x1080 to 1152x864. Which also happens to be the max rez inside the game showing. Actually the max inside the game should be 1280x1024 not 1152x864.
I even have tried changing the freelancer.ini resolution setting. Doesn't work. Any ideas how I can A) make this full screen or B) make it 1920x1080 resolution? Thanks for any help.

I am running Linux Mint 15 with MATE desktop. (32bit)
POL is using WINE 1.5
My system is a AMD FX 8350 CPU, AMD 7850 Video card w/2gb of ram, I have 12gb of ram but since it is 32bit only uses about 4gb. 7200rpm HD
Again: the game runs fine, sound is fine, rez is not fine. :)
Nov8tr Lundi 22 Juillet 2013 à 22:51

No one has any ideas? Wow, I thought someone would know something. Someone who works with PlayOnLinux or someone who has used it for a long time. :(
booman Mardi 23 Juillet 2013 à 1:37

Sorry, I'm glad you replied because I didn't see this post over the weekend.

Make sure you have Proprietary drivers installed for your video card.

Also check Display Options:
1. Launch PlayOnLinux
2. Click Configure
3. Select LoL virtual drive
4. Click on display tab

Direct Draw Renderer:opengl
Video Memory size: check your video card specs
Off-screen rendering mode: fbo

I normally run my virtual desktop at 1024x768 and then it will resize when changing resolution in game, but since Freelancer won't even change resolution in game we'll have to try other routes.

Look in the program folder for configuration files. Sometimes developers keep a default text file where you can manually set the resolution.

I've had problems with games that won't change resolution or crash when trying.
Can you post a debug output when you launch Freelancer?

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Innocent Bystander Mardi 10 Décembre 2013 à 19:59
Innocent BystanderAnonymous

Freelancer only does lower 4:3 resolutions on Windows too.

The Windows guide to widescreen is below. It worked for me under Win 7/8. Since it's just a few game specific config files, it should work well under PoL as well.