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redboss Dimanche 8 September 2013 à 5:16

Hello, i am very new to Linux and am learning as i go. i am currently running Ubuntu 13.04 and wine version 1.4.1-0ubuntu5 (copied from USC). I bought a Drobo mini (hardware RAID enclosure) and downloaded the windows application for it from i had to do a manual install using playonlinux. This is the first time i ever used wine or playonlinux so i just let it install to the default locations e.g. C:/program files/drobo dashboard or something like that. Well after the install i go to open the program and nothing happens except that a little drobo dashboard icon appears at the top of my screen next to the other icons like wifi and battery life. Needless to say, the program isnt really working. Im sure there is more information you guys will need from me, but can i please have some assistance in getting this program to work?

also i already installed drobo-utils but i would really prefer to get the real drobo dashboard to work, thanks in advance.
petch Dimanche 8 September 2013 à 8:49

What about using native app?
redboss Lundi 9 September 2013 à 3:26

hey yes thanks im just going to stick with that...seems to work well.
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