chivalry medieval warfare

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ilcontegis Samedi 19 Octobre 2013 à 1:37

I am trying to install this game. Anyone had luck with it? I have it on steam.
Are there any script to help the install and make it work?

Thank you very much.
Running ubuntu 13.10 64 bit and nvidia proprietary driver.

izberion Samedi 19 Octobre 2013 à 10:05

There's no script but I've got it running on Steam. If I remember correctly, I just installed the full directx setup and maybe vcrun 2008. It ran well, though there were some texture problems with distant textures, though very easy to ignore.
ilcontegis Samedi 19 Octobre 2013 à 14:30

Thanks for your reply. I tried already to do like that.
The game starts, but after 3 seconds it freeze :(
izberion Samedi 19 Octobre 2013 à 21:06

Hmm. Install dotnet3.0. Don't know if it will do too much but it's worth a try.

EDIT: I'll install it back onto my system.

Alright I'm getting the same thing as you. Freezing after a few seconds.

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