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Screen not centered

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Dalron Dimanche 3 Novembre 2013 à 18:51


I'm a newbie with playonlinux, now using Ubuntu 13.10 (with Cinnamon).

I installed Wine then playonlinux.
To make a trial, I installed "Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall" (an old and mythic game !).

When I launch it, the gamescreen is just partially appearing. In fact I an just see the left half-part of the gamescreen. The rest of my computer screen is black. Something has to be configurated. I tried all the menus, looking for a solution... Nothing...

Could anyone help me ? Thank you in advance (and sorry for my english level... :(  )


petch Dimanche 3 Novembre 2013 à 18:57

I answered your ticket
Dalron Dimanche 3 Novembre 2013 à 19:50


Thank you so much for your kind response. Indeed, exiting the fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter is a better solution. Now I can play...

But it looks like a little windows. Toggling in fullscreen re-do the same problem...

Sill need one step further...

petch Dimanche 3 Novembre 2013 à 23:07

I used the hq2x scaler that gives the best visual results in my opinion.
But I recently noticed that it's not compatible with hardware scaling (some DOSBox 0.74 limitation I assume).
Open ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/ElderScrolls_Daggerfall/playonlinux_dos.cfg and replace render_scaler=hq2x with another DOSBox scaler (, say render_scaler=normal2x
That should allow DOSBox to scaler the display to larger resolutions.
You may also have to add sdl_output=openglnb if it looks too blurry for you.
cool_bombom Dimanche 23 Février 2014 à 11:00


I have this problem with syberia 2 :-( .... and non of the solutions petch have given is working for me.

any ideas pecth? thank you in advance.

petch Dimanche 23 Février 2014 à 11:13

Syberia 2 is not a MS-DOS program, so all those tips are irrelevant for it
booman Lundi 24 Février 2014 à 21:53

DaggerXL is a modified version of Daggerfall in the XL Engine an no longer requires DosBox.  You may have more success with screen issue, but there is no Linux version yet.
So it may require some trial-n-error with PlayOnLinux, but I bet it will run.
Remember its still in Alpha development, so it may not perform perfectly.

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