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icaro581 Samedi 16 Février 2008 à 17:03

Hi To all , i have a suggestion. when anybody opens http://www.playonmac.com/ can be here a page that the user can select the language that this user wants to see the page. could be tree pretty svg or gif flags of each language and down the name of the language

and other thing is there an official logo and a favicon for PlayOnLinux?

-- Henry Antonio --
Ghostofkendo Mardi 19 Février 2008 à 17:09

Hi icaro581,

I have quite the same opinion than you about the greeting page but for the moment, Tinou and goku are away.
And it's them who choose at the end, so let's wait for them.

Moreover, there is currently no official logo or favicon of PlayOnLinux because we don't have any graphic designer.

Quentin PÂRIS Mardi 19 Février 2008 à 21:28
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Yes there is a logo and a favicon. But it is not very great.

If you open playonlinux.com, you will be automatically redirected to your browser language website.

I don't like the idea to have a page "outside" the website.
Moreover, you have the flags on the index.
meloves Vendredi 23 Mai 2008 à 5:14

I guess it would be great if the browser could detect user's OS language. I don't know if it already happens!

That's just a tip.

Thank you.
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