League of Legends no sound (ingame + client)

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hoshpack Jeudi 19 Décembre 2013 à 21:57

Hey guys,

first of all, i am pretty new to all this stuff around linux and PoL, so i hope i can explain myself good enough.

The thing is, i installed LoL with PoL and patched it. No real problems there, apart from the still ongoing client shop and the ingame shop item icons problems. But recently i dont have any sound, neither in the client nor ingame. The current wine i use is 1.5.24-LeagueOfLegendsShop running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

If you need more information just let me know. I hope you guys can help me.

Thx in advance, hoshpack

I already tried to deactivate the wine DLL 'mmdevapi' and also to kill pulseaudio (pulseaudio -k) before the game to get the ingame sounds back on, but nothing worked. Kinda cluessless right now. :/

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srphoenix Samedi 15 Février 2014 à 20:53

I am using Mint 13 which is based on Ubuntu. Maybe this helps (at least it helped against my no-sound problem). In terminal type (or paste):

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

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souchiro Mercredi 12 Novembre 2014 à 23:16


thanks :)
LocaButt Mercredi 15 Juillet 2015 à 7:20

This worked for me on Kali.  Took me all day to find this - maybe sticky it to LOL tips or something.

petch Mercredi 15 Juillet 2015 à 9:07