How to get gamepad to work in Steam games?

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maystorm Samedi 28 Décembre 2013 à 18:48

Hi all!

I've been able to successfully install Steam in POL after following a hint somewhere else to use Wine 1.7.8. I can log in, download and play Pinball FX2 (from Zen Studios).

Everything seems to work fine except that the game doesn't recognize my Logitech gamepad F310.

I am running on Gentoo, and the necessary kernel modules joydev and xpad are loaded successfully (according to dmesg /dev/input/input5 is assigned to xpad). Wine also sees the gamepad: when running "wine control joy.cpl" there are two devices listed and when testing the gamepad all elements seem to work.

However, within Pinball FX2 the gamepad is ignored.

Any idea what I am missing?


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