full screen with kde4

panel still shows

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diziet Mardi 28 Janvier 2014 à 21:40

if i run a game full screen and alt tab out, i can alt tab back to it but now the panel in the kde desktop still shows at the bottom, if i configure wine to not let the wm control windows then i can't alt tab out - the app is till running as shown in top, but there is no way to select it as the alt tab selection does not show the game.

i can configure the panel to allow apps to cover it during normal usage which then means that returning to full screen doesn't show the panel but this then affects my entire workflow, yes i can remember to change this setting just before starting the game but it would be nice to have an automatic workaround :)

i've tried different wine versions from old to very recent and there is no difference.

i notice theat there is an option to run a command in the pol client before the game is run, perhaps i could find a way to script the kde panel settings to change before running the game but there is no option to run a command after the game has finished (i have no idea if this is possible).

is this a familiar situation? what do people do if anything about it?