Newbie fallout 3 nv no sound

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Chuckf Samedi 15 Mars 2014 à 21:29

Alright guys

I was able to run and play fallout 3 nv steam version. I just don't have any sound. If I change anyything in wineconfig/sound I get "no sound detected fallout cannot run". So I keep the settings at default. I have a asus essence stx sound card if that helps.

Any tip swould be much appreciated.

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Chuckf Samedi 15 Mars 2014 à 21:50

I read somewhere that installing L3CODECX from winetricks might fix the problem but I cannot find L3CODECX anywhere?
Phil81 Dimanche 16 Mars 2014 à 1:01

these two sites helped me , I also found doing a fresh install helped
Chuckf Dimanche 16 Mars 2014 à 2:34

Thanks a lot man I appreciate it. Also I just saw the how to sticky,

- Name of the distribution (and its version)
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
Release: 12.04
Codename: precise

- Name of the software and its version (wine installed 1.4 and pol 4.2.2)
- Errors from the software. And if possible, tell when and/or where it happens.

I have the game launcher open and I could run the game without sound. But now I recieve the error message (no sound device detected fallout nv cannot run)

- Your computer configuration.
I am not sure what this is asking me for.. :/

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