Asap Utilities in MS Office 2007

How to install

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breed Lundi 17 Mars 2014 à 13:24


I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 with the latest WINE

I have successfully installed MS Office 2007, though the reason i did this was to try to get the Asap Utilities plugin on Excel. I have tried to install it using playonlinux, but it won't get added to the Excel Ribbon.

Any ideas anyone

Thanks in Advance

dpb65 Mercredi 25 Juillet 2018 à 18:16

I realize that this is an old topic, but I've been working on a new linux laptop for my SO and she has to have Excel, and it came up on a search, so since I have gotten it to work, I thought it might be useful for others.

My OS was Zorin 9 (that was the laptop I had to experiment with - plan to upgrade to latest Zorin, assume it will still work)

Playonlinux version is 4.22 - I used the normal built-in playonlinux install procedure for Office 2007 (wine version 1.62, automatically chosen from Office 2007 install script)

After that was up and running successfully, I downloaded the installer for ASAP utilities, and saved it in the same directory as the Excel executable (Virtual drive c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office12)

At this point, I went to the Miscellaneous section of the Excel configuration in playonlinux, and chose "run an .exe file in this virtual drive" and chose the ASAP utils installer.

This successfully installed ASAP utilities to the ribbon in excel. I have not tested all of the ASAP functions; however, all the ones I tried did work properly.