Playonlinux on Kubuntu Desktop Icon problem

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Bladeforce Lundi 7 Avril 2014 à 22:19


May I request an answer to this little problem.

All I am trying to do is create  a desktop icon by right clicking the game entry in playonlinux and selecting create shortcut.
Doing this playonlinux seems to do exactly as planned (no errors) except there is no icon on the kubuntu desktop.
I know there are "activities" in kubuntu and i just have a default desktop and no "desktop icons" activity but whatever i do, create an activity for desktop icons, unlock panels etc i get no icon created on any activity.
Could anyone help me out here please?
Bladeforce Mardi 8 Avril 2014 à 21:07

Scrub this problem i found the problem. In KDE right click the desktop select default desktop settings or folder settings then from the drop down on the right select folder.