problem with cc580

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philipz Dimanche 13 Avril 2014 à 13:12

Well i was trying to get PEStudio running on wine and playonlinux, so i started with empty bottles on both and only installed 'comctl32' through winetricks and 'cc580' through playonlinux and had both bottles running from the same wine version installed on the system. After that i extracted PEStudio from its zip file at < > and then ran `pestudio.exe -file:pestudio.exe` inside the extracted folder through the wine command prompt. The gui opened in both wine and playonlinux, but the grid area on the right of the gui is not functioning in playonlinux. I did quite alot of testing to get it to work on playonlinux, but with no luck.

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booman Mardi 15 Avril 2014 à 21:16

First we need a bit of information:
PlayOnLinux version?
Which version of Wine are you using?
What Distro? 32-bit? 64-bit?

Interesting tool, I'm curious why you want to use an executable scanner?

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