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TuxLoL And Mono patch not working.

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SomeMichaelGuy Samedi 31 Mai 2014 à 18:56

Okay, So i've been trying to get League to run on my Linux OS for 3 days now, i've completely swapped over to linuxUbuntu from windows7. I've been following the step by step instructions at
I get as far as typing $ mono tuxlol.exe patch --dir "/home/USER/.playonlinux/wineprefix/leagueoflegends/Drive_c/riot games/league of legends"

then it gives me one of two errors,

mono tuxlol.exe patch --dir "/home/michael/.playonlinux/wineprefix/leagueoflegends/drive_c/riot games/League of legends/"
Cannot open assembly 'tuxlol.exe': No such file or directory.

Or an error where it says a mono dll could not be found where it was installed. i havent gotten the second error in a while and could not copy and paste it. please help me. Im a full-time league player. this is seriously hurting my gold Elo Farm

booman Mardi 3 Juin 2014 à 20:32

did you try this step-by-step guide: League of Legends
It doesn't use the new 1.7.19-LeagueofLegends guide, but should still work.

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