Not possible to install Office 2010 SP2 32 bit

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chibi88 Lundi 2 Juin 2014 à 20:49


I'm on Linux Mint.

I want to use Office on this Computere so thereforce I've downloaded Playonlinux

Tried to install it over "install" but that didn't work.

I found this one

So I started POL and went to "wine versions"

I took the "Wine 1.5.6" version x84.

After I've downloaded it I went to install again. At the bottom left oft the corner I went for "install a program which is not listed"

I configured a new Virtual Drive with 32 bit and Wine 1.5.6

But that also does not work. There is an error in POL_Wine (sad smiley)

I'm so pissed, sorry. I'm trying to install it since 1,5 hours.