Playing League of Legend replays with POL

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2mek Samedi 2 Aoüt 2014 à 0:09

Hi all,

There are some popular LoL sites that allow streaming replays into game client. One of the most popular is There you just download a .bat file.


This is the code, that is needed to play a LoL replay:

"League of Legends.exe" "8394" "LoLLauncher.exe" "" "spectator 5mcWoP1RoN0C1tSSZD3IvxEhGAnIyTYy 1416114864 KR"

Now could anyone familar with POL and LoL can tell me, how to open those specific .exe files via POL?

Miyagui Samedi 18 Avril 2015 à 22:42

Since I didn't find any info about it I did it myself. This is what worked for me.

Ubuntu 14.04 / PlayOnLinux 4.2.2

Hope it helps