Office 2010 - Submenus invisible on GNOME 3.14

Only on GNOME 3.14

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rsyspol Samedi 11 Octobre 2014 à 14:12

## summary

Submenus are invisible.
If I was running GNOME 3.12 everything was fine with OFFICE 2010 in playonlinux.

Now I've upgraded to GNOME 3.14.0 with:

i | gnome-shell         | Paket | 3.14.0-308.1  | x86_64 | GNOME
i | xorg-x11              | Paket | 7.6_1-16.1     | noarch | repo-oss

with Vendor NVIDIA Driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.46


this issue is not related to playonlinux only. It also appears in crossover. So the question is, if it is a wine or gnome problem?

I can reproduce this on T500 Lenovo with Intel Chipset and on Desktop Computer with NVIDIA GraphicsCard. So it seems not to be a display driver problem. 

## actual behaviour

If I want to see a submenu in any Office 2010 application with either "right click" or from "ribbon menu" they do not appear in any case. But if you call a menu with richt click and imagine it was there and use the keyboard to select an item from that invisible menu -the actions itself are working.

If I switch to another desktop environment the menus do appear. 

See videolinks.


gnome 3.14

## expected behaviour

see the menu in any case. 

## additional info

I'm not sure where to put this issue. If this is correct here on pol or if this should be posted to GNOME Bugtracker or it should be posted to the wine bugtracker. 

As this is not quite clear, i'll post it cross and reference each.

Any hints are welcome.


## crossreference

## confirmation

it would be very good if anybody could confirm this. 

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rsyspol Samedi 11 Octobre 2014 à 14:37

Perhaps an admin can move this to "Application tests"

iJohannes Lundi 13 Octobre 2014 à 10:21

Hello, I have exactly the same problem here. I am running Debian testing, installed the latest upgrades which updated gnome-shell to 3.14.

After that the ribbons in microsoft office 2010 do not work anymore (no matter which application, word, excel etc.)

When I select XFCE as window manager during login everything works again. So it seems gnome-shell related. Have to see how to downgrade gnome-shell.

My graphics card is Intel onboard X3100. Running Gnome Classic does not help. I guess it is not graphic card related.

rsyspol Lundi 13 Octobre 2014 à 14:45


please add your issue to the wine bugreport ->


iJohannes Lundi 13 Octobre 2014 à 16:13

yep, done. I am not sure if it is a wine or gnome bug. I don't know how I could test this further.