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inukaze Jeudi 23 Octobre 2014 à 20:32

HI there i wanna make Suggestions. you can add sub-menus in the Games ,The Follows Sub Menus :



Free / Free To Use : Without Cash , Wiindows Games
if you can add Linux and Mac Natives Games with x86 and x86_64 support , please

Abandonware D.o.s
Abandonware Windows

GOG -> Please if you can make sub menus , move all GOG Games Here , without  GOG in the Start of name , I think , to make a share database file , like the google drive files , to make a database with list of games , for PlayOnLinux, from where the Client , download and read the current game list ???

Abandonware Title , 100% Legal , Original O.S , Genre , for example


I can add games if are abandonwares or demos , i dont know much free games.


I can make the Scripts for Abandonwares Games 100% Legal Abandonware , for not have troubles with the laws in some countries.


I has some prepare , in the moment i make are a experiment , the newest files i have of this Games for MS-D.O.S , works better , because i has fix my scripts for work better , more POSIX with BASH i can .

You can try this games , i recommend in a LiveDistros , because this are not updated yet :
Here in this Mega Folder , you can download and try with : Aladdin , BattleChess , Warcraft 1 , Wolfeinstein 3D

Abandoware MS-D.o.s Folder in Mega


Well i dont know if all 100 Abandonware Legal


Aladdin - Inukaze Video


And the Windows Abandonware i hope , 100% Abandonware Legal , you can try with :


Captain Claw

Captain Claw - Inukaze Video


And a Free to Use MMORPG , with fix and and , just donwload , run a Bash Script and use it


Ragnarok Online International Folder in Mega

Ragnarok Online International - Inukaze Video

Well i hope , you can add the sub-menus , and add binaries of "dosbox" to your web , i really don't like that version of Wine + Dosbox Support , when under Linux and Mac , we can use a 100% Native Dosbox without start wine.


With that i can prepare more ease a lot abandonwares games , and some games for Windows , for example the Demos likes the PopCap Games and Big Fish : Bejewled 2 Deluxe , Chuzzle Deluxe , Big City Adventure , Mysteri Case Files , Plants Vs Zombies GOTY , Bejeweled 3 , Iggly Pop Deluxe , Dynomite Deluxe , Tumble Bugs 1 & 2 , Zuma Deluxe , Zuma Revenge.


Thank you readme , sorry for my bad english

i wait answers , and the opinions i read it too XD

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inukaze Mardi 2 Décembre 2014 à 20:13

Well my Suggetions are totally ignored XD , well i leave this Software im going to make my own scripts for that propusals

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