Can't install Office 2003.

"Please insert CD1 error"

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ninty_ceo Vendredi 21 Mars 2008 à 18:24


First of all, please forgive my bad english.

i'm trying to install my Office 2003 with POL on my Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) with the workonlinux script, but i'm getting an error. Here's the description of my installation:


2) POL asks me for the cdrom path. It's the same as the default. I click NEXT.

3) POL asks for the setup executable. It's the default, Setup.exe. I click NEXT.

4) The office's installation program starts. The installation path is the Windows default (c:/program files/office2003). I click on custom installation and choose to install only Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Then i click on INSTALL.

5) The installation begins, and when it reaches about 40%, a message box appears: "Please insert CD1", and a RETRY button appears highlighted on the bottom of the msgbox. No matter how much i click on "retry", nothing happens. I try to abort the installation, but nothing happens. The installation is not frozen, but clicking on the available buttons doesn't do anything. I kill the application with xkill.

6) The script continues and creates the shortcuts. Even knowing that the shortcuts won't do anything, i assign them with Wine 0.9.37, just for testing. I click on the shortcuts. The "3D accelerator not detected" message appears, and nothing else.

Note: I've tried to change the installation path to z>home>myusername>Office2003 (A folder under my linux home folder), but the problem is just the same.

So, guys, what's the problem?