Blade & Soul AMD 6870HD Low FPS

Getting low FPS not matter the settings.

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Arkzyw Dimanche 1 Février 2015 à 21:13


I know this game isn't supported by POL, so at first I wanted to apologize for making topic here - it is easier to get some help here :)

I'm trying to play Blade & Soul on server. Installing and running it is without any problems, but I always have low FPS - no matter what quality settings I use it is 15-20 fps. I think it's the driver problem, as my gpu isn't fully used(doesn't even get "noisy"), but the question is - can I improve the performance in any way ?

My PC spec:

Mint 17.1 MATE

Radeon 6870HD

Phenom II X4 965


Have installed newest Omega Catalyst Driver 14.12

I'm using Wine 1.7.35(32-bit) now. Also tried previous versions, but no difference. Now using only what is needed - all dx packages, dotnet2.0, vcrun2005, but tried various other libraries, disabling some gaphic options(multisampling) - no change.

Catalyst Control Center settings are set for performance over quality.

As my Linux knowledge is limited yet, and I don't know what else I could try, I decided to ask for some advice here.

Thanks in advance.

Ronin DUSETTE Dimanche 1 Février 2015 à 21:39

Can you post your debug output here? There is a chance that it just does not work well through Wine. The is also the CSMT versions of Wine that are supposed to really ramp up the performance of certain games through Wine, but only with the open-source radeon driver. 

Also, check and search for that game; if there is a fix or bug report open, that is the first place that you would find it. 

Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
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Read the wiki, Report broken scripts
Arkzyw Dimanche 1 Février 2015 à 22:12

I checked Winehq before, but there was nothing helpful for me - nothing that I didn't know. Only what is needed for install.

Here is debug output, together with log - debug output is at beginning rest is from log.!wAhR3ahJ!i8sLXq2zBQOuclKgfr2t8_chc2tzuDgAKgC5SjB0Pks

The main problem is that all characters (PC, NPC), are generated and visible after after ~10-20secs, when entering an area, and that makes the game unplayable.

I will also try with open source drivers later. Don't think it will help, but trying won't hurt (I hope).


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Arkzyw Mardi 3 Février 2015 à 0:51

Thanks for mentioning CSMT - didn't know about it(my last adventure with wine was with 1.3). Using it(various versions) experimentaly with Catalyst Omega drivers brought some FPS increase, but with many glitches though. Going to install open source drivers, as you suggested - probably will take some time for someone like me.

Arkzyw Mardi 3 Février 2015 à 21:26

Tried using Mesa 10.4.2 drivers. Got some FPS increase but crashing/glitches all the way. Knowing myself though I messed something when compiling/configuring - will need to do more research on that topic. At least I know which way I could try, so....thanks.