Languageproblems in playonlinux

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Pewter Dimanche 1 Mars 2015 à 10:33


I just recently installed playonlinux and have come across a really annoing issue. When I'm trying to install a game (any game) the wizard is in spanish. HOW do I fix this? It seems however my entire playonlinux system is acting up cause when I installed skyrim i got that in some other language (Czech I think).

My elementary OS locale is Swedish and so is my Wine env when configuring it.

Help with solving this would be greatly apprechiated


petch Dimanche 1 Mars 2015 à 14:30


PlayOnLinux uses gettext for translation, that relies on your system locale (specifically to $LANG environment variable, or $LC_MESSAGES if it is present).

Given that installed programs cannot change those, I do not see how what you describe could be possible.