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malato Jeudi 5 Mars 2015 à 8:02

hi all

hope i'm posting the right section:


i have an hp printer which is linked to several pcs:

hplip drivers work "fine", on two pcs i have installed sparky lxqt (debian testing)

for work i need to run windows version of foxit (linux pdf readers, alas, do suck)

now: on one pc i can edit and print from foxit and playonlinux

on another pc i get "no printer installed, please install a printer before giving print order" or some similar messages fom foxit:

i've tried to purge plaonlinux, deleted .playonlinux, but it was no use

can anybody help me?

Ronin DUSETTE Jeudi 5 Mars 2015 à 17:13

Then you simply have something installed on one the working computer that you don't have on the other. It is not in POL. It is something in your system. Make sure that other computer can print through Linux with no issues first. If it is not working fully in Linux, then it will not work through POL. POL/Wine just takes calls and passes them to your operating system, so you need to figure out why one system can see a printer and the other cannot. Remember; Wine CANNOT, by design, use drivers, like your printer drivers, so your Linux system has to be fully capable of using that printer. If it is not working through POL/Wine, then you need to check your Linux system and make sure that it is working fine there, then start checking between the two systems to see what one has installed that the other does not. That is all I can tell you.

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