League of legends wont load game

loading issue

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powisss Lundi 20 Avril 2015 à 23:23

Hi all, 
I have a major issue with leage of legends. It was working when I installed ubuntu 14.10, but it wasnt using the amd proprietry drivers. Frame rate was pretty bad (5-45). Anyways I have installed now catalyst for my amd HD6870. Games like CS:source (steam) works perfectly (as its made for linux). Now my issue is that I can login to LoL, I can chose champion when creating custom game, but after countdown loading screen doesnt appear, there is just an icon of wine in top eft corner and thats it. 
I have amd phenomx4 965
amd radeon HD6870

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Im new to linux, just swiched yesterday, love everything about it, but i need to have LoL on it.. :D
thank you.

powisss Mardi 21 Avril 2015 à 0:33

Update: I have now tryed different versions of wine 1.7.33-leagueoflegends, 1.7.41, 1.7.24-leagueoflegends and 1.7.19leagueof legends none of them fixed it... anyone? ;/

Ronin DUSETTE Mardi 21 Avril 2015 à 19:20

Do you have the 32-bit drivers for your system installed? Also, please post your full debug output.

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Trisscar Dimanche 26 Avril 2015 à 19:53

I have this issue as well. In fact, if I leave the Wine icon alone and attempt to do other things and let it supposedly load instead of force quitting, it interrupts other processes, such as the random human-check code gen for registering for this forum. XD

I have 64x drivers for my HD7870 amd graphics card, and I have been able to run LoL on my setup before under WinXP, so I doubt my hardware is the issue. Edit; just realized that I forgot a couple pc info things. Apologies. Mem; 7.7GiB Processor; AMD A4-5300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 2 Graphics; VESA: PITCAIRN OS; 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 Disk; 872.8 gigs

Here's the online guide I used to get this far, in case it's at all relevant. I can't complete step four (the weird patch thing) without invaild directory errors, but the OP for that has said this is a constant issue for people, and most of the bug reports for it say they can't run the LoL patcher much less hit champ select.

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Trisscar Mardi 28 Avril 2015 à 22:16

Apologies for not posting more on this earlier, lilfe happened.
I should mention that even with the debugger open while league is running, there are no error messages, even when trying to load a game after selection. I'll post the full log later, since every time I have to force quit LoL it keeps the patcher open and messes with thingsfor about half an hour.
Trisscar Mardi 28 Avril 2015 à 22:21

Here's the pastebin for the log;
I've been getting "another instance of the launcher is running" messages, but that only started today, so seems like that's something else bugging.

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boske Dimanche 3 Mai 2015 à 0:30

same problem here . I have ati radeon hd 6850 card with propiatery drivers installed on kubuntu 15.04 with wine 1.7.38 version..

after trying to kill league of legends window i get this


here is debug log