Option to add a program we've already installed

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clovis6780 Lundi 7 Avril 2008 à 23:03

I've installed World of Warcraft under Wine (not Windows) on a JFS (not NTFS) partition and I'd like to see an option to just tweak it under PlayOnLinux rather than having to remove it and fully reinstall it.
Ghostofkendo Mardi 8 Avril 2008 à 21:54

Hi clovis6780,

I moved your topic because it was in a wrong section, i.e the suggestions section but for the website (and a little "hello" or a kind of to start your message would be much more polite)

To go back to your question, it appears to very complicated to implement and moreover, it works correctly only in 10% of the cases. So you'll understand that we can't add a feature that doesn't work well the most part of the time, otherwise a lot of angry users would come on the forum to complain.

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ffcloud2000 Mercredi 9 Avril 2008 à 7:33

i was able to open up the terminal and type in

wineshelllink --menu --path /media/sda2/World\ Of\ Warcraft/Wow.exe --link WoW

but in most cases your path would be different then mine but this seemed to do the trick
clovis6780 Dimanche 20 Avril 2008 à 19:43

Sorry, Ghostofkendo.


Thanks, ffcloud. I'll try that command line when I get the chance.