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Itunes Install

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gman2112 Dimanche 10 Mai 2015 à 17:58

I am trying to install iTunes.  Everything seems to install properly, but i get this at the end.

Any ideas?

Error in POL_Shortcut
Binary not found: iTunes.exe
Have you installed the program to the default location?





Ronin DUSETTE Lundi 11 Mai 2015 à 5:57

Usually that means that the program did not install correctly and cannot find the .exe to make a shortcut for it. Just for your knowledge; as far as I know, you cannot transfer music to your iDevices from iTunes through Wine. On some certain older iPods you can do it through a native program (gtkpod), but for most devices, if you are trying to use iTunes like normal, it won't work. At least last time I checked. 

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