league of legends fps drops

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cripplebeast Jeudi 21 Mai 2015 à 3:07

Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit
dell xps 17 with i7 and discrete nvidia 555m And intel gpus
Nvidia-304 driver

League of legends oce

The game runs flawlessly except that i get huge fps drops after 30 minutes in game
fps drops from stable 60fps capped down to 4fps then back up to 60 then back down to 4 etc

so far i havent applied any fps fixes
has anyone experienced a similar issue or does anyone have any suggestions?

Also using the latest version of playonlinux from the playonlinux ppa

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cripplebeast Jeudi 21 Mai 2015 à 5:01

I should also add that the laptoo does not get overly hot and that i can play things like dota 2 and portal 2 through the native steam client just fine on high detail.

Changing the detail settings inside league does not have any noticeable effect